Single mother who has earned $13,000 by dating strangers online

A single mother has admitted she has earned $13,000 (£10,000) dating strangers in a bid to give her only child a better life.

Over the last two years Kelly 37, from California, has been on countless dates with men who pay for her company at the dinner table – so she can ensure she’s able to buy the best for her daughter.

Kelly, who also runs a property business, uses the extra money to pay for her daughter’s school supplies, clothes, and household bills and is hoping to inspire other mothers to do the same.

The mother-of-one, who says she is not a gold digger, has used dating website WhatsYourPrice – a dating auction price – since 2016 and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

The site allows members to offer a fee to go on a first date with someone – while singles can state an amount they would be willing to accept.

Speaking about her side job, Kelly, said: ‘I use the money from date to pay for bills, clothes, food, school supplies and everyday things for my daughter.

‘I’ve earned around $13,000 from dating the men I’ve met online as it has led to business partnerships too.

‘It has given me and my daughter a great lifestyle and I would recommend it to anyone.

‘I’m not a gold digger though, I’m only dating these men to make my life better not because I want a relationship.’

Kelly has gone on every type of date from a formal dinner date to a karaoke bar and charges no lower than $150 (£115) for her time.

She said: ‘If I see a profile I’m interested in on WhatsYourPrice I will send a fee.

‘I’ve attended all sorts of dates, the time I went to a karaoke bar with a guy who actually paid my friend to accompany us as well.

‘I have recommended it to a lot of my friends even though I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone.’

Kelly dates strangers at least once per week but claims she is picky with her dates.

She said: ‘I will only date someone if we have things in common as there’s no point not having anything to talk to.

‘They have to understand that my time is valuable and that I won’t accept any lower than $150 dollars for two hours of my time.

‘I always ensure we meet in a public bar or restaurant and will tell my friends where I am at all times.’

Kelly is adamant she will continue dating strangers and feels it has made her a better mother.

She said: ‘I’m able to afford things now that I won’t have been able to.

‘We don’t need anyone else’s support to ensure we can lead the best lives possible.

‘My daughter now has all the school supplies and clothes she needs and it’s all because I’m able to date strangers for extra cash.

‘The best thing about WhatsYourPrice is that it works for busy people. It eliminates the time-consuming struggle and pressure of finding the right someone to go on a date with.

‘I have been very happy with the arrangements that have come from the website, I have nothing negative to say. I’m sure the site isn’t for everyone but, I will definitely continue to use the site.

‘I have recommended it to a few other mums and I can only hope that they use it as an opportunity to better themselves as I have.’