Siteground Or Bluehost: Which One To Choose

What strategy are you following to boost up your business this year? The question is crucial because nowadays everyone is giving a bit more emphasis on the ideas than investment. Planning and wise decisions are a must to survive here. Using the technology to reach out to the potential buyer platform must get the most out of your investment without much risk involvement. So, if you plan to take your business online at first, you will need a beautiful website that shows off all your products in a lucrative way to attract more audiences and get sales. It sounds so easy, but not that much in reality. You have to make a website, set up the layout, and secure enough so that the buyers feel safe to transact through your site.

But most importantly, you will need web hosting services to host your website to show every time someone searches similar options. There are several web hosting companies out there, like Bluehost and Siteground. They will take care of the websites’ safety and availability, but one question may pop up in your mind, is SiteGround good hosting service or not? Here in this article, you will find the answer to it.

Siteground Web Hosting

Siteground web hosting service is the breakthrough in web hosting services. Before, there were primary hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and more. Siteground works by cloud hosting system. This hosting system is relatively newer in the industry as it does not use the traditional shared database or the customized base to provide service. Cloud hosting is multiple server-based services that divide works into portions. Each remote server completes the puzzle. Thus it is faster and safer than other web hosting services in the market.

Pros Of Siteground

Siteground is the best cloud hosting company out there. It is famous for providing multiple services in one package. You can manage a WordPress blog or reselling site by Siteground very easily . as they combine services and use several chains of servers, the service is faster and hassle-free. If one server goes out of function, there are bypass alternatives to take up the action, so your website is always ready to load. Siteground offers a 99.99% uptime for thirty days. A survey says the netizens will allow only three seconds for a page to load. Siteground allows 1.3 seconds for every page to load to your customers. So, practically you never have to worry about losing potential customers and making them annoyed. The team offers free daily data back on one tap .you can check daily progress on the backup tool and restore them anytime you want. Siteground is entirely transparent with their customers. They provide free data center IP addresses the monthly and yearly uptime records to the customers.

Cons Of Siteground

Siteground gets the first negative marking for the low data storage facility. The reason is legit that the more data you store, the slower the site gets. But, we can’t deny other sites like Bluehost offering better. The startup plan provides 10GB of data storage; the GrowBig program gives 20GB, which is sufficient for the WordPress blogs, and the GoGeek plan offers 40GB of space to run smoothly. Another drawback of the site ground is the overuse of the resources. It exceeds the regular CPU seconds per account very frequently. So, sometimes you have to wait till the next pricing arrangement.

Debating somewhat on the pros and cons of Siteground, the investment is worth the money and time. Please check here to know the critical features of Siteground and the comparison between Siteground and Bluehost.