Six of the Best Andar Bahar Strategies to Help You Win Like a Pro

Andar Bahar is unlike any other card game in that it reflects Indian street culture.

This game, which originated under the streetlights of Bangalore, Karnataka, has garnered a following unlike any other, and mastering the Andar Bahar strategy will give you the upper hand.

It may appear luck-based and straightforward, but if you understand the technique and math behind the simplicity, you can win more frequently. You may preserve your bankroll by taking a few steps to guarantee that you lose little.

Let’s take a brief look at the Andar Bahar game before we go over the strategies.

Andar Bahar Card Game

The dealer starts the game by placing the deck of cards faces down, cutting it in half, and placing one-half of it facing upward.

From the remaining half of a deck of cards, TeenPatti games, the participants must estimate whether the subsequent value of the cards is Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The guessing game continues until either Andar or Bahar receives a card of the same value.

The player who correctly predicts which side the card will land on wins the Andar Bahar game online and doubles the winning wager amount provided by the opponent.

The Winning Strategies

A simple google search for the keyword Andar Bahar strategy will turn up a slew of websites, businesses, and individuals claiming to be able to teach you how to win, but none of them works.

Some businesses even sell illegal equipment and gadgets that might get players in legal trouble. As a result, we respectfully advise that everyone avoid such cons.

On the other hand, there are tried-and-true Andar Bahar tactics based solely on math, statistics, and just memorizing the handed cards that can improve your odds of winning, particularly when playing Andar Bahar online.

They are as follows:

The Martingale method

Martingale is a well-known betting technique that may be used for a variety of card-based bets. It is a negative progression method in which you double your wager amount after each loss, hoping that a subsequent card that lands on Andar or Bahar would win large.

Allow one game round to consist of consecutive losses, followed by either bankruptcy or wins. You can now “reset” and start a new Andar Bahar game online round after a win. After that, you can divide a series of Martingale bets into separate rounds.

The 1-3-2-4 technique

Commonly used when playing Roulette and Baccarat, the 1-3-2-4 method was developed by Fortune Palace in 2006.

Being designed for gambling games with a 50/50 probability of winning or losing, this method may work well for Andar Bahar.

In this approach, players can assign 1 to Andar, 3 to Bahar, 2 to Andar, and 4 to Bahar and place as many bets as the number suggests.

Place your first bet on Andar, and the second, third, and fourth bets on Bahar, fifth and sixth bets on Andar, etc This Andar Bahar approach aims to provide numerical control to an Andar Bahar game that is as unpredictable as flipping a coin.

The D’Alembert method

The D’Alembert technique is a contentious betting strategy that involves betting on the opposing side as the winner.

For example, if Andar wins the first game, bet on Bahar regardless of the first game’s outcome. Using this strategy in other card-based games has frequently resulted in participants winning significantly more than their wager. Thus, the goal here is to avoid losing money.

Flat betting strategy

This is known as the mindless approach since you enter the Andar Bahar game with only one: to continually wager on either Andar or Bahar, regardless of who wins.

You can ultimately mix it up with the choice you didn’t pick earlier, but we recommend betting on Andar or Bahar for no more than four games in a row. However, try not to switch it up too often because it could throw you off emotionally.

The side bet strategy

It’s not easy to predict how many cards will be dealt before a match. It may be the first or the twenty-first card! Never say never!

Given below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In the deck of 51 cards, there are always three possible matches.
  • The chance of getting a duplicate card grows every time a new card is dealt. This indicates that the more cards there are, the more likely it is to be a match.

Bets on 11 to 15 usually return 5.5:1, 4.5:16, and 15:1 for bets on 16 to 25 and 15:1 for bets on 26 to 30.

The combination

Once you’ve become used to playing Andar Bahar and putting bets, try mixing all of the methods listed above in order.

This helps you zero in on the strategy that works best for you and unlearn the one that burns you out. Combining more than two techniques at once can cause you to lose attention, but you can combine up to three if you’ve mastered them.


Although the techniques mentioned above can be used in Andar Bahar, the results are as unexpected in any other card game. These methods do not make you lucky in poker, blackjack, or baccarat, so use them with caution.

Before playing Andar Bahar, the usual rule of thumb is to study and observe the Andar Bahar game beforehand, read the room, and always bring a budget.

Budgeting and gambling may appear to be oxymorons, but the sheer number of people who have lost their livelihoods to gambling is proof that budgeting is essential.