Skeptical about investments? Here’s your how-to guide for the best investment plans that will give you high returns!

ULIP or Unit Linked Insurance Plan is a kind of protection, which consolidates the advantages of assurance and saving in a singular plan. It is in fact a term insurance policy with many benefits! The significant benefit that a ULIP has over the usual money creation instruments is the advantage of Life Insurance.

Accordingly, your cash can develop and simultaneously, your near and dear one’s future would remain protected from the startling turns in life. With the assistance of ULIPs, you can gather significant wealth with your ventures and additional life insurance in a solo bundle.

The science behind ULIPs

If you were to invest in a ULIP, it would split into two sections. The initial segment goes into paying the premium to get the life coverage cover. The second piece of the investment goes into equity or debt assets to receive monetary rewards.

Contingent upon your future monetary objective, you can expand or minimize the proportion of your ULIP interests for your protection cover or into your speculation portfolio. In any case, you make sure to get excellent monetary advantages.

A ULIP is both a term insurance policy and a venture. The approach determines a demise advantage – the sum the chosen one will be paid if the policyholder dies during the term of the ULIP. Likewise, if the arrangement holder endures the duration of the ULIP, said person would eventually get the development worth of the ULIP. This sum will be created by the ULIP interests in equity or debt assets. The policyholder is ordinarily permitted to pick ULIP assets and resource classes to produce these profits.

Please see that regardless of whether the worth of this term insurance policy, investments falls beneath the total sum mentioned in the ULIP; the policy holder’s nominee or nominees will receive the passing advantage indicated.

Perks of investing in ULIPs

Best of both worlds: ULIP is one of the only monetary tools in the country that offers a double advantage of investing, while at the same time giving life coverage inclusion employing a solitary venture. Accordingly, you need not accept separate protection and speculations intended to get your future. This saves a great deal on the separate premium sums and assists you with dealing with your accounts better.

You save financially on a regular basis: ULIPs instil the practice for customary and trained investment funds, which is the way to effective long term monetary planning. With basic premium instalments, you can appreciate the advantages of surplus financial creation for your friends and family.

Investment is highly flexible: You can find flexibility and control of their cash by:

  1. Asset switch – An alternative to move your cash between balanced, equity and debt funds according to your will.
  2. Premium redirection – An alternative to put your future premium in an alternate asset of your decision.
  3. Top-up – An alternative to put extra cash into your current reserve funds.

Perks on taxation: Investment in a term insurance policy is qualified for derivation from available pay under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 up to ₹ 1.5 lakh per annum. The returns from the ULIP are additionally absolved from taxation under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act subject to conditions indicated in that. If the ULIP policyholder passes on during the term of the ULIP, he/she will be qualified for the demise advantage determined in the ULIP strategy and the sum received on death are absolved from charge under segment 10(10D) of The Income Tax Act 1961. Exchanging between ULIP reserves likewise doesn’t pull in any taxes whatsoever.

Potential for inflation of returns: Contrasted with other venture choices, the possibility to acquire the greatest monetary rewards is high on account of ULIP returns. These high outcomes may be achieved due to the adaptability offered among debt and equity funds. Additionally, with ULIPs, you become qualified for specific prizes and rewards for continuing on your investment. Insurance suppliers often offer rewards as loyalty bonuses and financial boosters.

What you must keep in mind while investing in a ULIP

Guarantee settlement proportion: Guaranteed settlement proportion is the amount of the cash paid out by the ULIP supplier. The higher the proportion, the better is the cash settlement sum on the development of the ULIP.

Performance of investment: ULIP ventures are market-connected. Accordingly, the assets where you make your investments, that is, balanced, equity and debt, are liable to showcase changes. In this manner, before making your ventures, ensure you look at the past exhibition of these assets over their separate benchmarks previously set on the lookout. Examining the performance of the investment can likewise assist you with choosing the risk you want to take in your ULIP investment.

Payments imposed: While taking out a term insurance policy you need to pay certain expenses, for example, premium distribution charges, investment organization expenses, mortality charges, and give up/switch charges. Ensure you cautiously think about these charges before making your ventures.

The purpose behind ULIP purchase: Most people go for ULIPs for their long term benefits like, when one plans to settle down and start a family, they want a fund that their offspring can fall back on when in dire need or for their basic education itself.

These are a few important pointers that one must keep in mind. Keeping all these details in hand, we present to you one of the best term insurance plans:

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Invest 4G

A Unit Linked Individual Life Insurance Savings Plan which you can modify according to your objectives and evolving necessities. With an unparalleled blend of Portfolio Management Options and adaptabilities, this arrangement gives you unlimited oversight over your reserve funds and protection needs. This item is non-participating.


Invest 4G is a ULIP that you can customize as per their goals and changing requirements. With a world-class combination of Portfolio Management Options and flexibilities, this plan gives you complete control over their investment. It also provides you with a Life Insurance Cover to protect your family in case of your unfortunate demise.

  • The flexibility of choosing to pay for the entire policy term, limited years or only once
  • Mortality Charges deducted during the Policy Term for Regular and Limited Premium Paying policies will be added to the Fund Value at maturity
  • Three cover options to suit different life stages
  • Premium Funding Benefit under Care Option to ensure your targeted savings contributions are made even in your absence
  • Loyalty Additions and Wealth Boosters during the policy term as additional allocation of units to boost your investments
  • Systematic Withdrawal Option to create additional income streams during the policy term
  • Milestone Withdrawal Option for enhanced liquidity at regular milestones
  • Multiple Portfolio Management Options to enable you to optimize returns from the Policy as per your investment preference
  • A variety of 8 funds to choose from