Slim Fast Reviews Before and After

Are you not sure whether to believe the advertisements of Slim Fast? Do you think that they are all fake? Probably, you have not yet read a story of Chelsea, who claims that she has lost 168 lbs for 56 weeks. Let’s read the review of Slim Fast experience story.
But before we do it, let’s find the answer to this question.

What is Slim Fast?

Slim Fast is a name of the company, which offers different kinds of products that help lose weight. Keeping off the weight is achieved through the strict following of the diet plan, which includes eating a meal snack, drinking a portion of a shake, and consuming the whole meal of your own. The last, but not least meal should consist of lean protein, starch, and vegetables.
Usually, if followed correctly, the diet results in losing about 1 to 2 pounds per week. Also, the doctors recommend to exercise, at least, 30 minutes per day throughout the diet plan or if you want to reach more weight loss goals, then the time of exercising should be prolonged to 60 minutes per almost every day of the week.

What is Chelsea’s experience with Slim Fast?

Chelsea grew up in a family of two creative people who had a creative approach to life. Also, they treated the notion of “beauty” in a different way. They always told Chelsea: “You are so beautiful, if only you were thin.” That, probably, could hurt Chelsea, however, she decided to hide her pain through constant eating. All her friends were two times thinner than she was, and she had difficulty finding the dress she liked. Then she tried various methods to keep off beginning with dieting and fasting and ending up with radical ones such as surgery. After all of them, she found herself in a depressive state and gaining the same amount of weight back.
Then she decided to stick to Slim Fast diet plan. For a year she followed this diet, eating and drinking Slim Fast products and finally, she lost 168 lbs. That was such an amazing result, was not it?
Now Chelsea works as a specialist in the Slim Fast company and helps people who resemble her in past lose weight.

Final word

To conclude, there are many positive reviews and feedback concerning the wonderful results after using of Slim Fast products. What is more, the company has a 40-year story of success and many satisfied customers, who are not only pleased with the results, but also with the way the products taste.
However, it is better to consult with your doctor concerning using Slim Fast and figure out their opinion.
Wish you were patient and fought until the end. Have a great day!