Slimline Wines launches range of sugar-free wines

It’s party season and that means the Prosecco and wine will be flowing freely.

It can result in us drinking a lot of hidden calories as a bottle of wine can contain a whopping 700 kcal.

But now a new winemaker has launched a range of sugar-free plonk, including a Prosecco-style sparkling wine that contains just 50 calories a glass.

It’s thought to be the world’s first sugarless fizz.

There’s a Really Red, Super Sparkling White, Super Sparkling Pink, and a Crisp White in the zero sugar range

Low-sugar wines have been all the range in the last few years, and now almost every supermarket stocks one.

But Slimline Wines claim to have the world’s first sugar-free range, with a red and white that cost £8.99 a bottle and a sparkling rosé and sparkling wine that cost £10.99.

They all contain just 370 calories a bottle, or 50 calories a glass, and absolutely no carbs.

A normal bottle of Prosecco often contains up to 26g of sugar, and nearly 500 calories.

There is a sparkling white in the range that costs £10.99

The rosé wine also contains zero sugar and has just 50 calories a glass

These £10.99 sparkling white and rosé wines contain zero sugar and have just 50 calories a glass

The Crisp White and Really Red have just 370 calories a bottle

The wines are all made in Italy (pictured the Really Red)

The Crisp White and Really Red have just 370 calories a bottle. The wines are all made in Italy

Sugar is found naturally in grapes, but the company’s winemakers have found a way to extract all sugar from the wines.

The company says during the second fermentation of the wine, they use a ‘secret process’ where live yeast eats the remaining sugar in the wine.

No added sugar is added during the process, which means the wines are guilt-free. 

The wines are slightly lower in alcohol than normal bottles however at 10.5 per cent ABV.

The range, which is made in Calamandrana, in the Piedmont region of Italy, launches on December 14.

Slimeline Wines isn’t the first to make a sugar-free wine, however.

Vinos de la cruz Wines winery in South America is said to be the world’s first producer of sugarless organic wines, and bottles are sold in Australia.