Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Most people would want to have a garden in their home, even if it is a small one. It gives out positive vibes and adds value to the overall decor as well. There are different landscaping ideas you can use to make your small garden look beautiful and integrate various amusement works. The landscape of your small garden depends on your taste, preference and imagination as there are endless landscaping possibilities you can explore. In this article, we would explore several garden landscaping ideas that would help you make your small garden look beautiful, functional, and add value to your home’s appeal at the same time.

Gravel Stones Usage

Using gravel stones to decorate your garden is one of the latest garden landscaping ideas and trends that has become highly popular lately. It does not require a lot of maintenance, and the best part is that it becomes a good navigator during rainfall to pass water into the soil. Gravel stones are aesthetically pleasing and landscape gardeners Essex use it as a nice contrast to balance the green highlights of the garden.

Focus on Trees

If there are large trees surrounding your garden, then it is a good idea to hire a professional garden landscaper to beautify your garden area. Keeping a table and a couple of chairs in the shadow area of the garden under the trees would be comforting during summers. It would become one of the most relaxing areas of the house that not only looks good but also carries decorative value.

Creating a Small Pond

In order to have a small pond in your garden, you don’t necessarily need a large garden. Digging a small area in your garden and installing a pump would ensure that your small pond is ready without much effort or will not cost a fortune. Having a small pond would not only make the garden visually appealing, it will add aesthetic value and also attract birds and butterflies.

Putting Fence

Installing fence in your garden would help you double the number of plants you are able to plant in your garden. It would increase the quantity of flowers and vegetables you grow in your garden, and fences look pleasing to eyes as well. Fence would also make it easier for you to grow crops in your garden without it interfering with other plants in your garden.

Creating Wildlife-Like Atmosphere

One of the small garden ideas that are popular with many people these days is to plant flowers that would attract butterflies and birds.  A garden landscape artist can suggest you the plants and flowers you need to grow in your garden to attract birds and butterflies. You can even go the extra mile and install a birdhouse in your small garden or have a bird feeder. It definitely would make your garden a home for many birds in your area and would present a wildlife-like atmosphere.

Curve Walkways

Having curve walkways installed in your garden is highly recommended by landscape gardeners Essex. It not only would make your garden look bigger, but also adds aesthetic appeal to your small garden. You can use gravel stones to make the curve walkways or use any other paving material depending on your budget and home décor. The path should be broad enough for two people to walk together.

Focus on Pots

There are different types of designer gardening pots available in the market that you can use in your garden landscape. Placing vintage, ceramic and beautifully designed pots of varying sizes strategically in different parts of the garden will increase the visual appeal of the gardening landscape. You can also install a teak bench in the corner or the middle of the garden or even install a terracotta structure strategically in your garden.

One of the key things to remember when designing the landscape of your garden is how it would look throughout the year in different seasons. Having flowers and perennial plants in your garden that blossoms throughout the year at different times would keep your garden beautified. It is also a good idea to hide any unwanted portion of your garden or garbage bins with the help of wooden panels.