Smoking Paper celebrates 100 years of creativity and environmental commitments

The Smoking Paper brand was first registered in 1924 in Capellades (Barcelona).

100 years have passed since then and the brand name is now internationally renowned thanks to its rolling papers and other products like filters, cones, tubes, rolling machines, and other accessories; it even has its urban clothing line.

Its popularity alone is something worth celebrating, even more so in the brand’s centenary year. A business milestone that is also symbolized by Smoking Paper’s increasing involvement in two of modern-day society’s key areas; artistic creativity and the environment.

A significant proportion of the brand’s 100-year celebrations are focused precisely on the “100 years sharing” theme.

Smoking Paper’s creativity contest

Are you a creator? Do you sometimes feel like releasing all that inspiration that has built up inside of you? Smoking Paper is celebrated throughout this year with a creativity contest starting in January 2024 and lasting for all of 2024.

Taking part is easy. All you have to do is share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), or TikTok with the hashtag #Smoking100years.

Up to 12 winners will be selected by a panel each month, with some of the prizes including annual subscriptions to Domestika and Crehana to help participants develop their talents and drive forward their creative careers.

There are no limits to your creativity. The #Smoking100years contest embraces all types of creative content including design, music, art, digital content, literary creation, social initiatives, marketing ideas…

Smoking Paper has organized initiatives like this before to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming talent. One of the most successful examples was the recent collaboration with the Lo-Fi artist Cráneo (Sloth Brite), a leading figure on the international music scene.

As part of this collaboration, Smoking Paper brought together 193 artists from all over the world whose works were then mixed by Cráneo as part of a unique musical session.

Smoking Paper has also collaborated with content creators on platforms like Twitch, as was the case with the “Smoking in the Park” collab with David Sainz (Sainzdeces), as well as getting behind the “The Roll of the Week by Smoking” initiative.

“The Roll of the Week by Smoking” initiative is a part of the “Yo, Interneto” program which covers the latest events and viral trends. This is all in addition to the design contests it has organized to showcase the work of its winners on its artistic trays and rolling paper booklets.

Smoking Paper’s Environmental Commitments

Smoking Paper’s centenary year has also been marked by the brand’s ongoing investment in sustainable activities.

One of the company’s most popular and ongoing initiatives on this topic is Roll with Green, in collaboration with Trees for the Future, as part of the global movement known as #GivingTuesday.

This has resulted in the planting of 200,000 trees, which was the company’s goal, with an additional 100 more trees being planted in celebration of the brand’s centenary year, with a total of 200,100 trees.

To take part, all you have to do is use the #rollwithgreen hashtag on social media. Each time it is used a tree is planted, allowing users to make a direct contribution to this important cause.

Smoking Paper’s sustainability efforts are also reflected in how its products are created and how it goes about its operations. It has recently been awarded the maximum “A” rating for CDP Water Security and “A-” for CCDP Forest, as well as receiving a “B” rating for CDP Climate Change.

These ratings demonstrate the brand’s environmental leadership and commitment and are a clear example of its continuous and innovative efforts to reach its sustainability targets. One of the goals set for this centenary year is to join the exclusive group of triple-A-rated CDP companies.

With this in mind, Smoking Paper has committed to upholding its collective creative, innovative, and sustainable vision that applies to all of its actions and initiatives for way beyond this special centenary year.