So what really are the best vegetarian pasta dishes out there?

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It really is so versatile and yummy combined with the best flavours and various ingredients it can be used with almost any vegetable you desire!

Whether you want creamy pasta dishes, succulent tomato-based sauces or more simple and plain creations; there is something for everyone’s taste buds.

I know for many you might think how can vegetarian dishes be the same as the typical spaghetti bolognese or those chicken chunks but look no further as we have collated some fantastic vegetable-based dishes for you!

Penne ala Vodka

This is a classic and paired with Italian plum tomatoes, Parmesan cheese a dash of vodka, fresh cream, onion and garlic it really is a taste sensation. Season with some chilli flakes and your good to go!

Feeling cheesy? Try the Four-Cheese Pasta

Combine Parmesan, Cheddar, Brie and Emmental, this is best served using macaroni, and even better you can add some additional vegetables to increase nutritional value and taste. Try spring onions, leeks and celery and some juicy tomatoes, let’s not forget the seasoning, think rosemary, thyme, garlic and pepper!

What’s not to love?

Sicilian Spicy Pasta

This is one that you can make within minutes using simply broccoli, pasta and cheese, add some garlic, a pinch of chili and a large amount of Parmesan and you’re good to go! Pair this with penne or spaghetti for efficiency this really is ideal.

Whole Wheat Mushroom Pasta

Think creamy, white wine, mushrooms and cheese combined, this taste sensation gives you a plate for scrumptiousness. If you want to watch your calories opt for the whole-wheat pasta, otherwise you can use your normal penne or linguine. The seller for this one is the mushroom sauce, use shitake mushrooms as well as your everyday mushrooms to create a flavorsome sauce. Seasoning with salt and pepper is essential, fresh thyme, garlic, onion chopped and white wine all make for this wholesome dish.

Fancy something different? Try this ravioli with coconut milk and lemongrass

Velvety, smooth and succulent ravioli stuffed with vegetables in a thick coconut sauce with spring onions and lemongrass, what’s not to love? The ravioli stuffed contains garlic, onion, aubergine, red and yellow pepper, corn, mushrooms and salt and olive oil to season. The sauce contains butter, flour, coconut milk, lemongrass, parsley, spring onions and salt and pepper for taste….beautiful!

Fusilli Tomatina

Think tangy flavours of tomatoes in a sauce wrapped around chunky fusilli, this recipe uses green chili, spring onions, garlic, onions, dried herbs, tomato chili sauce and any additional vegetables you wish to add thick broccoli, courgette and peppers. All combined, it’s simple, quick and efficient!

Courgette Pasta in Cream Cheese Sauce

This is so quick to make yet so tasty, enjoy with fresh crusty bread to scoop the leftover sauce and it’s a firm family favorite. Simply grate courgette, combine with milk, garlic, oil, cream cheese, fresh basil and season as you would with Parmesan, it’s a winner!

We hope this reading finds you well and gives you some inspiration to create some classic and authentic yet creative vegetarian pasta dishes, there really is no end to what you can create with pasta and various sauces and combinations you can try!

Happy cooking!