Sober Up: The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Getting behind a wheel while being intoxicated has a lot of dangers. People can face serious charges when they are caught by the police and authorities. It is not only for other people, but drunk driving endangers the driver himself and his passengers. It could lead to great loss and damages that are grave and lifelong. That is why driving should only be done sober with the best state of mind and body.

Aside from being illegal, it poses danger to a lot of innocent people who are out in the street or in their own cars.

Temporary Impairment

The most dangerous effect of drunkenness on a person is on how it can temporarily impair the driver’s vision, body coordination and concentration. While being drunk, a person would find themselves unable to prop themselves upright and even walk normally. In fact, one test police can do to prove soberness is making a person walk in a straight line. It is all the more difficult for eye-hand coordination, which results in slower reaction time because it would take too long for your limbs to respond to what you are seeing as a result of drinking alcohol. Vision becomes blurry and your attention can be divided so you can easily get distracted with every stimulus that you experience. This reduces a person’s ability to drive safely by a large margin. It is common that they get involved in accidents without them fully realizing what has happened while in a drunk state.

Unsound Judgement

Driving involves a lot of decision making. When you drink alcohol, it makes it harder for your brain to process information clearly because it slows down the activities in the brain. This would result in a person’s reduced capacity to make a sound judgment because they would have no inhibitions. It will make it challenging for them to see right from wrong, so even simple, discerning of traffic rules can prove to be difficult for them. This is the reason why someone who is drunk could miscalculate their distance from a pedestrian or another car and cause them not to take the necessary action to avoid a collision.

Injury and Death

The gravest effect of drunk driving is it leads to injury and consequently the death of another person or the driver and his passengers. Although people can survive, they might experience long term and even life long-suffering. Any accident can be a cause of debilitating injuries to the body and the brain that is why it is possible that victims will present a Brain Injury Lawsuit Claim in order to make sure that no injury, whether open or closed, will be left unseen. Treatment for the worst conditions could take a lot of money and time. Accidents resulting in the death of people will result in jail time. A lot of things can go wrong when someone is drunk and they wouldn’t be able to get the full scale of their activities while in that state.

Crashing and Destruction of Property

It is still a big problem when drunk driving results in the collision and destruction of the property, although this saves a person from involving another person in the situation. The most common one is when a person crashes into concrete posts, buildings, or other infrastructures on the street. This would also lead to formal complaints from the driver while demanding compensation for the damages incurred. And even if other people are spared, it could have a great impact on the driver of the vehicle and the people who are with him. Totaled cars and severely damaged ones can still be covered by insurance claims, but physical problems resulting from this can be forever. This has been a common way movies portray losing memories and it can happen in real life too. If you want to avoid being in this situation, you must make sure that you take the wheel only sober.

The only way to avoid the dangers of drunk driving is to not drink at all. This is so much easier and more practical than going through the trouble of the possible consequences. Practicing discipline will ensure that no life will ever be in danger and that no property will be damaged. It can save your life and the lives of people around you.