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Social Media Proxies for Marketing at Scale

Social media platforms place strict limits on the number of accounts users can operate from a single IP address. If users exceed this limit, knowingly or unknowingly, they face potential account and IP bans. This limit presents a dilemma for marketing and social media managers who are responsible for overseeing multiple social media accounts. For these people, the otherwise generous limits are very restrictive.

A similar but related problem exists where logging in to the same account from multiple IP addresses can trigger automated security systems. If many different people need access to the account, this can create difficulties for them.

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Social media managers can solve both of these issues by using a proxy service. Residential proxies route your internet connection through regular people’s devices, enabling you to use their internet connection and IP address. Whether you are managing dozens or even hundreds of social media accounts, a residential proxy service allows you to assign each one its own separate IP address. Whenever you connect to the account, your connection routes through the appropriate proxy server, and this is the IP address that social media platforms will see.

The Benefits of Automated Social Media Marketing

There are several reasons why you might want to consider automating your social media account management. For one thing, if you have hundreds of accounts to manage, automation tools ensure that every account is uploading new content on schedule. It soon becomes impossible for many professional social media managers and marketers to control all the accounts they are responsible for manually.

For businesses that are still trying to establish a regular audience, a consistent upload schedule is essential. Automation tools ensure that you can upload new content according to a perfect schedule; you don’t have to worry about things falling out of sync. Often, social media marketers with lots of accounts to manage will try to stagger the release of new content so that their clients are not competing with one another for attention. If all of the accounts upload at exactly the same time, they will drown one another out on users’ feeds.

With automation tools in place, social media managers are free to focus on their overarching strategy. Automation tools give users a high degree of control over their accounts. Just about any action or interaction on social media can now be automated. If you use automation in the right way, you can dramatically increase the amount of traffic client websites receive via their social media channels.

Why You Need A Proxy For Social Media Management

Social media proxies route your connection through an intermediary server before connecting to social media services. The social media servers you connect to will see the IP address assigned to you by the proxy server, hiding your actual IP address. Social media proxies provide users with new IP addresses. All the major social media platforms routinely ban proxy IPs when they detect them.

You can configure your automation tools so that each individual account you manage is assigned its own IP address. Whenever you connect to that account, your connection will automatically be routed through the appropriate proxy server.

Aside from reducing the risk of account bans when using account automation, social media proxies offer other benefits. For example, these proxies are far more reliable than standard commercial proxies. Most commercial proxies are shared, meaning that you will be sharing the pool of IP addresses with other users. If any user connects to a social media platform through a shared proxy network, the IP address they use will be tainted.

Social media proxies are private IPs that come with additional security guarantees. Providers offer their services on a per-platform basis. For example, you can buy Twitter proxies, Facebook proxies, or Instagram proxies, rather than purchasing a generic ‘social media proxy.’

Choosing The Right Proxy Provider

Before you start connecting any accounts that you oversee to automation software, make sure you have complete confidence in your proxy provider. If you choose the wrong kind of proxy and then connect anyway, you could end up facing an IP ban or, worse, an account ban. You can find a list of the best Instagram proxies by clicking this link.

Alternatively, here’s what you need to know to pick out the right proxy provider for other social media platforms.

Public proxy networks are the cheapest and most immediately available proxy networks. In many cases, these networks are also free to use, making them a tempting proposition. However, public proxies recycle IP addresses. Not only will your accounts be banned, but the proxy operator is likely to be collecting your data as well.

Residential proxies are the most expensive proxy services, but they are also the most reliable. Residential proxies use regular people’s devices like servers, enabling you to connect through them. The IP addresses available will be real residential IPs assigned by real ISPs.

Combining a social media proxy with automation tools enables you to control hundreds of accounts with minimal effort. Each account you manage can have its own IP address. As far as the social media platforms are concerned, all the different accounts you oversee will belong to different people. You can also use social media proxies to ensure that you post your clients’ content from a server in the same country as them.

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