Software engineer, 28, recalls horror moment he was attacked with a machete while eating a kebab in his car

A software engineer who was attacked by a machete wielding thug while sitting in his car eating a kebab in Melbourne has recalled how he thought he would be killed. 

Alex Ferrao, 28, was sitting in his Audi hatchback in Yarraville in July when a man in a hoodie approached him who he says looked like he needed help so he lowered his window only to be confronted with a 10-inch long blade. 

‘Honestly I thought I was going to die,’ Mr Ferrao told 7News on Friday.

He grabbed the blade with his hand and then, running on adrenaline, hit the pedal and speed off with the attacker hanging through the window.

‘He was a normal looking guy who knocked on my window and I only wanted to put the window down a little bit.’

Alex Ferrao has told how he was attacked by a thief wielding a large machete as he ate dinner in his car on a Melbourne street

The Melbourne resident said he was ‘holding the machete in one hand and trying to drive the car, covered in blood.’

The attacker tried to get his phone, which had open links to his bank account, and he said he only stopped when he appealed to him by speaking Arabic.

The police investigation remains open but as yet, four months on, there have been no arrests.

CCTV of the attack shows two men attempt to rob Mr Ferrao before he drives off

CCTV of the attack shows two men attempt to rob Mr Ferrao before he drives off 

‘Maybe I should have been more cautious but everyone is so friendly and so nice here (in Melbourne) I wanted to carry that on,’ he said.

Mr Ferrao hopes that by speaking out someone who has information on the case will come forward. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.