Solutions for law firm management

How not to waste time on repetitive activities

Repetitive tasks are part of any attorney’s routine. Check for updates on the courts’ websites, copy and paste lawsuits, write pieces based on models of legal documents, make reports, feed spreadsheets such as cash flow. If you have imagined the beginning of small chaos, it may be time to rethink the way Winnipeg law firm management is done. We help! Nowadays it is possible to automate a good part of the office routine, keeping the day to day organized and much more productive. Preparation of legal documents, search and update of processes, receipt, and control of deadlines. All of this can be done with quality by complete legal software!

How to have control over what happens in the office

A law firm management error like that happens from time to time. And everything is fine. But what about, in addition to not knowing what your team is working on, you also have difficulty managing your own tasks ?! When these behaviors are recurring and you are no longer able to distinguish what is flawed and what is the work process in your office, there is a real reason for concern.

To maintain control and have a law firm management focused on results, it is essential to professionalize task management and teamwork. Having a solution that allows the manager to see the activities of the office and also facilitates the delegation of tasks is very important to ensure that all activities are completed on time, in the best possible way.

How not to lose money and have good financial management

A good financial organization is a foundation of running a successful law firm. If you have no idea of the fixed cost of your business, do not even know what your profit margin is on each deal, or do not know what percentage of attorney fees you will use to cover client and procedural costs, you may be losing money. But this is not the only stone in the shoe of the entrepreneurial lawyer when it comes to managing the law firm. If your office does not yet have clear guidelines for charging attorney fees, this should be the first step in establishing a balanced financial organization.

How to maintain quality as the office grows

The greater the number of clients and the number of people per team in the office, the more difficult it is to guarantee standardization in service and work processes. It is true that each professional has his personality and his way of working, but have you ever thought about how this reflects on your client?

Imagine if each person in your office adopted different criteria for preparing legal documents and reports. What if there was no training for callers? Possibly your client would not have the same confidence in your team’s work.

Establishing standards of excellence in law firm management and communicating them to the team is a necessary path for those who want to grow in a scalable and organized manner, without losing quality. We covered this issue in-depth in the article on how to grow the law firm. If you haven’t read it, it’s worth taking a look after you’ve finished reading this material.

Service quality can be a great competitive advantage for your office. Therefore, it is necessary that you prioritize strategic actions so that the growth of the office does not negatively affect this very fundamental stage of your business.