Some facts to be kept in mind for coffee packaging

Your coffee packaging is the first impression you make on your customers, even before they taste your coffee. The packaging speaks a lot about your product, your brand and your values.  Hence, here are some coffee packaging facts to be kept in mind when picking the packaging for your coffee.

Coffee bag types

  1. Block bottom side gusseted bags: It is the most commonly used packaging style. It has a flat bottom which keeps the bag in a brick shape with a rectangular shape in the front. It has a robust and bold design and offers on-shelf visibility.
  2. Quad seal side gusseted bag: It is also highly popular with flat bottom and sealed four sides. It offers 100% security from external environment such as light and air. All in all, it makes your coffee beans stay fresh for long.
  3. Flat pouch: It is usually recommended for a single serve coffee bag.
  4. Tin-tie bag: It is a good option for coffee sampling or small quantity supply.
  5. Stand-up pouch: They are gaining popularity because of the protection and re-sealable function they offer. They also have a hang hole.

Shelf life

The packaging you pick helps in maintaining the freshness of the coffee and ensure that the flavor is intact. The sealing and resealing of the packaging affects the entrance of light, air and moisture to the content inside. A lot of coffee bags come with a degassing valve to keep the flavor and freshness intact.

Convenience of the consumer

Customers demand their coffee making procedure to be simple and effortless. Hence you should go for a packaging that makes them easier for them. The design on the packaging should be attractive and have all the required details about the coffee and your brand in a simple to read format. Another way to impress your consumers is by providing them with effortless features like re-sealable options like tin-ties or zippers. It helps in keeping the coffee fresh for long.

Better peace of mind

It is important to keep in mind the purity and integrity of your consumer products. For instance, the heat sealed coffee bags allow you to prevent it from all sorts of contamination at the time of storage, product delivery or while it is kept on the stores.

Innovative packaging design

The best thing is that you get your packaging customized to enhance your chances of better brand recognition and exposure. If you want your packaging to be alluring and different, then you can go for custom print coffee bags.  There are a number of options to get your bags designed. You can pick several ways and visual stimuli to impact your consumers. There are endless possibilities to pick for innovative packaging designs.

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