Son of billionaire businessman ‘has baby with high-class escort but refuses to give her any cash’

  • Married man told the mother to his child that he has ‘no obligation’ to pay up 
  • Says he doesn’t owe her anything because he doesn’t work for his money 
  • Told escort his money comes from his father and will go to his ‘real family’
  • This was after he forked out a total of £1,600 for four sex sessions with her

The man – who cannot be named for legal reasons – told the escort he has no obligation

The married son of a billionaire businessman has fathered a baby with an escort facing homelessness — but won’t give her any money because he has ‘no assets’.

The cheat told the former beauty queen that any money he has goes to his ‘real family’ as he told the pregnant woman he has ‘no obligation’ to her.

He told her to go to the government for benefits after she text him in October saying ‘I’m 5 weeks pregnant’.

The playboy – whose father is ‘a household name’ according to The Sun – replied ‘oh s***’ and suggested an abortion.

But the high class escort – who met the man in August 2017 – told him to ‘take responsibility’ and branded him ‘evil’.

She took a per-natal DNA test which confirmed the man is the father with a 99.9 per cent reliability.

The woman gave birth to a baby girl in London two weeks ago and told a friend she now faces eviction because she can’t pay the rent. 

She claims to have 60 days to leave and said the ‘absolute disgrace’ of a love rat ‘is prepared to leave me and his child homeless’. 

After forking out a total of £1,600 for four sexual encounters with the escort, the man told her that she isn’t entitle to child support from him because he doesn’t earn the money he has.

‘I live by the goodwill of my father,’ he told her. The man, who has two children with his wife, cannot be named for legal reasons.