Sony Music in talks to snap up Queen’s hits and merchandising rights in £1bn deal

Icon: Queen’s legendary frontman Freddie Mercury (pictured)

Sony Music is in talks to snap up Queen’s hits for nearly £1billion which would mean it owns Bohemian Rhapsody, merchandising and exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute and perform the music. 

It is understood Sony, with a fellow investor, value the tunes at around £800million. 

Queen, led by Freddie Mercury, had hits with songs including Don’t Stop Me Now and We Will Rock You. 

If the swoop goes ahead, it will add to the buying frenzy for music rights. 

Sir Rod Steward and the estate of Michael Jackson are reported to have this year sold parts of or all their music, worth hundreds of millions of pounds. 

Bruce Springsteen is understood to have sold his songs to Sony for more than £390million, and Neil Young and David Bowie struck deals with labels