Sony PlayStation 4 E3 2018 press conference LIVE: Last of Us 2, Days Gone, and more

This somber banjo can only mean one thing. Ellie is back. 

Oh they’ve met the tent look like this scene from the game.

Ellie’s all grown up. Is Joel still around?  

Happy times in the tent, but now we’re out in the woods murdering fools. If you remember, the trailer from last year was pretty brutal. And this one seems to be following along in a similar vein.

We’ve got some actual gameplay now though. Likely with a release date to follow at the end. 

Melee combat, gun play (with a scarcity of ammo), hiding in the long grass andunder trucks, crafting.

And of course, it’s visually outstanding.

Pretty regular switching between action and stealth. There are a lot of cinematic moments in this little gameplay demo. Unclear whether it’s a set piece or if this is what it’ll all be like.

Back to the tent and Ellie’s smiling! Yay!

Bold prediction: Joel’s dead or the bad guy.