Sophie Cachia recalls the moment she knew she was attracted to women

Sophie Cachia doesn’t hold back in her book where she describes the AFLW player who sparked her attraction to women.

Sophie had been invited to speak on an AFL panel, she had given birth five weeks prior and was flustered because she was running late, and sweaty.

She briefly remembers being introduced around the room before meeting the woman, who had a girlfriend, that she would become obsessed with, she writes: 

When you hear about people throwing out phrases like ‘the world stopped’ or ‘I saw stars’, I always thought it sounded like a bit of bullsh*t. 

But as I shook this woman’s hand, the electric current that ran between us was instantaneous. 

Energy ran between us – or perhaps just coming from my end. It was as close to an out-of-body experience as I could have ever imagined – and I’d never felt anything like it before in my life.

Time stood completely still – and, yes, I am now one of those people who says that stars surrounded her in slow motion. My mind was racing as she introduced herself.

Who is this woman? I need to know her. Oh my God, look at her arms . . . they’re so . . . sexy….

This wasn’t just me objectively taking in her looks. This was intense attraction – and I had never been physically attracted to a woman before in my life. 

So while one part of my brain was absolutely enraptured by this gorgeous, intriguing, powerfully sexy woman standing in front of me, shaking my hand, then the other half of me was thinking, What the f*ck, Sophie?

Why are you attracted to her? Why are you attracted to a woman 

Jaryd wrote about his wife’s first kiss, which he learned about when she came in at 5am on the morning of her son’s birthday after partying all night:

She came in to talk to me while I was in the shower a couple of hours later. She was hunched over, clearly feeling like sh*t, but she had this little smirk on her face. ‘I’ve got to tell you something,’ she started. 

‘You kissed her, didn’t you?!’ She burst out laughing. ‘I’m not an idiot,’ I laughed. ‘I knew something was going to happen, the way you kept talking about her! So . . . what was it like?’ Again, that’s just how we were – we told each other everything. 

She was hungover as all hell telling me about it, sharing exactly what had happened, and it was so clear in that moment that things were going to change – and they were going to change quickly. 

Back then, she was so straight, so for her to then be kissing a woman was big. I just knew it wasn’t nothing.

 That first kiss opened the flood gates, according to Sophie.

Things went from zero to 100 after my first kiss with her. Suddenly, it was like I had a girlfriend and a husband. I’d wake up to messages wishing me good morning, texts saying things like, 

‘Hey, beautiful, when am I going to see you again?’ 

‘Did you have a good day?’ ‘When do you want to catch up?’ 

‘I want to have sex with you . . .’ 

Our texts to each other as we made our way home after our first kiss were pretty steamy. 

Weeks later, while her husband was out of town they had sex for the first time: 

I led her into the room I shared with my husband and sat on the bed. She was uncomfortable.

‘Jaryd sleeps here,’ she reminded me, as if I wasn’t already acutely aware. But there wasn’t anywhere else to go. 

‘Well, I don’t really feel like having sex with you on my son’s bunk beds,’ I laughed nervously. 

Sophie details in her book how petrified she was to ‘touch a vagina’ and was planning only to receive attention from her crush.

But as things heated up she changed her mind, and realised how much she liked having sex with a woman. 

EXTRACT: Then there was her