Sophie Monk picks Stu Laundy during Bachelorette finale

He was tipped to win The Bachelorette long before making his debut as an intruder.

And Stu Laundy, 44, was finally revealed as the winner during Thursday night’s epic finale.

Beaming with joy, the millionaire pub owner looked relieved and excited as Sophie declared him as ‘the one’ in very dramatic scenes.

Love at last! Sophie Monk, 37, picked millionaire pub owner Stu Laundy, 44, as the winner of The Bachelorette during Thursday night’s finale

Standing on a secluded island in idyllic Fiji, an emotional Sophie declared her love for the father-of-four as she poured her heart out. 

‘You said loving me was the best thing you’ve done in a while. I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me. So I have two really important things to tell you,’ she began.

‘The first thing is… ..I’m so sorry I misjudged you when I first met you… And the second thing is… ..I’m in love with you.’ 

Dramatic finale: Standing on a secluded island in idyllic Fiji, an emotional Sophie declared her love for the father-of-four as she poured her heart out

Dramatic finale: Standing on a secluded island in idyllic Fiji, an emotional Sophie declared her love for the father-of-four as she poured her heart out

Stu delightedly asked: ‘You’re in love with me?’

A beaming Sophie reaffirmed: ‘So in love with you.’

Stu gushed: ‘I love you so much. …The moment I hopped off that chopper… ..I knew I’d done the right thing. I’m gonna cry. It’s so bad.’

‘I love everything about you. I know it’s… it took me forever to say but I didn’t want to get it wrong.

He continued: ‘You have rescued me. You give me a second chance. … This was such a risk, doing this.’

Upon arrival on the secluded island, Sophie opened up about her nerves to host Osher Gunsberg.

‘It absolutely is [difficult] – It’s…the happiest thing and the saddest thing, really because, on one hand, I’ve fallen in love with someone… ..and the other guy I really, really care about, and I’m gonna hurt his feelings,’ Sophie said.

‘I was so nervous thinking that I’m risking so much, for my family and my career and everything, and to think it’s paid off, I’m so happy.

She continued: ‘And I feel lucky, and I’m so grateful for this whole experience. I wasn’t sure if it would work, and it 100% does. It’s ridiculous – I know I’m in love.’ 



The first to arrive was Jarrod Woodgate, who was understandably nervous.

Sophie tried her best to let him down gently.

‘Jarrod. I entered The Bachelorette because I wanted to meet the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,’ she began

‘Like, I genuinely, like, wanted someone that was there for me and had my back. And…as soon as I met you, you came out and you intrigued me.

She added: ‘Um…when you stepped on the grapes ..and then, after that, you had…we had the high wire, the first date together, and I could tell…you just had my back

‘And you protected me and made me feel safe. You’re so selfless. And you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Ever. I feel like you’ve always just been here for me.

Sophie then paused as tears filled her eyes.

‘In my head, I know you’re everything…but my heart belongs to someone else,’ she said.

Jarrod could be seen visibly upset as his eyes welled up and he began to cry. 

Stu, who is an heir to $500 million pub fortune, shares four children with his estranged wife Rachel – who he separated from four years ago.

He previously told OK! magazine that Sophie would make ‘a great stepmum’ to his kids.

‘She’d make a great stepmum. She’s open about wanting kids and mine are pretty amazing,’ he said.

Earlier this month, Stu was among four intruders who made dramatic arrivals on The Bachelorette.

The wealthy hunk arrived via a helicopter while clutching expensive champagne that he presented to Sophie – much to the dismay of fellow contestants. 

‘I’ve bumped into you before,’ Sophie said after greeting him with a kiss on the cheek.

A delighted Stu replied: ‘I can’t believe you remember! I was wondering whether you’d remember.’

An insider previously claimed that the pub mogul has long had his sights set on the former pop singer. The source told The Daily Telegraph this week ‘He has been obsessed with Sophie for years!’

It was previously revealed Stu had attempted to set up a date with the famous blonde on his super yacht last year, but it fell through. 

The unnamed source also claimed Stu’s Bachelorette appearance almost never was and that he only secured his spot on the reality series after a friend of his backed out.

‘He (Stu’s friend) considered it, but ended up deciding not to go through with it, but he knew the right guy… The mate suggested that the producers approach Stu,’ they told the publication.

Stu is believed to have jumped at the opportunity to woo Sophie, with the unknown informant claiming he abruptly stopped dating Channel Nine presenter Samantha Heathwood to make it work.

However, Samantha previously told Daily Mail Australia otherwise.

‘I definitely wasn’t blindsided by Stu’s decision to join it – we talked about it before it happened. We were NOT ‘casually dating’ at all.

‘Stu and I saw each other in early 2016 but that is ancient history now.’ 

A source on set previously said of Stu and Sophie: ‘While it’s unorthodox, this seemed like the best way to meet her again.’

According to the publication before the show, Sophie was keen to find someone that matched her ‘Aussie Bogan’ style, but was still financially independent.

As the son of legendary pub owner Arthur Laundy, Stu is the heir to an estimated family fortune of $500 million.

He also owns a fleet of luxury cars and a super yacht.

Stu previously told The Daily Telegraph that he did not make the decision to appear on the show lightly.

‘It’s a risk for someone like me to go on the show, I ummed and aahed a lot but what got me over the line was that I just thought I saw something in Soph,’ he said.

‘When I first met her it was excellent and I really wanted to meet her again, and I had to go through the rigmarole to do it.’

Recent reports claimed Sophie and Stu had split, however they have since denied the claims.