Space-Saving Ideas with Inventive Interior Design Trends of 2021

Are you one of those who stock up lists of what’s currently trending? Today’s article will shift your focus to note key aspects of making big changes that begin at your homes. Maximize your small spaces with these inventive interior design trends.

Homes nowadays are where most people retreat. You used to have much time living solo in your living rooms or kitchens. But with the current set-up, which occurs globally, the house is now packed with your loved ones—working home-based.

So, what are the trending designs today to reinvent your spaces ready for a stay-at-home set up? Find out what can get you inspired and get creative as you read ‘til the end!

1- Maximalism is In!

Wait? Does that sound counterintuitive for you? Before you click out from this page, see first how this trend will make you love your spaces more. Minimalism had indeed taken the interior design world by storm in recent years!

But what is maximalism now? Have you gotten tired of adapting to styles that speaks nothing about who you really are? Maximalism is about personalization. Throwing away loved item pokes the heart. The “more is more” trend encourages you to keep only the things you love.

Clutter is clutter. So pick the ones that genuinely bring great value to you. This could be the concrete interior floors that had to accompany the whole household for years.

Instead of breaking these things apart, have a simple refinishing with the experts specializing in interior designs. The same goes for your hardwood furniture. The armchair’s base and body are still sturdy. Maybe it only needs a local expert’s upholstery.

If you are still into the minimalist approach, you’ll get to that later (so, stay on this page). But now, let us talk about its counterpart. This is for those who embrace bold shapes and more colors!

Throwing away stuff is not easy. After following space-saving minimalists’ advice, there are people who did regret having to rid their most loved furniture or antique collection. For those who learned to love the things they inherit from their great-grandma or other relatives, then maximalism is the way to go.

2- Echoes Eco-conscious Spaces

Eco-friendly and sustainable tricks are recurring trends. These ideas never get outdated, and year after year, the number of those who follow these trends keeps growing.

Inventive and smart interior does not only saves space. It saves mother nature, too. Before you replenish your home’s interiors replenish Earth, humanity’s home, first. Here is a preview to pick what you can add to your homes:

  • Eco-friendly Carpets. Natural fiber carpets are increasingly making a mark in today’s market. And people love how sustainable plant-based rugs are. Also, they create safe spaces at home. It offers less chemical emissions. The floors become incredibly slip-resistant, and it adds comfort for walking, as well.

Provide a safe and healthy home when you create sustainable materials. If you opt for maximum concrete floor care, the residential floorings MInnaeapolis experts can share with you tips and guide to preserve the contrite surface under the carpeted floors.

  • No To Paint Exposed Concrete. The exposed floors and walls are also one that has been around for ages. But, that only seems to gain attention in recent years. Famous architect/designer Vincent Van Duysen specializes in using exposed concrete and wood finishes. Stripped-down your costs, materials, and labor fees for concrete contractors when you go all-in with an exposed cement look.
  • Multi-Function Living Spaces. Outdoor patios that also serve as your grill area by night and living room by day need to be on your list. Especially that today, you will indeed spend a lot of time at home. You need multi-function spaces where you can go and spend time alone. Also, outdoor living spaces offer you a change of scene with nature close by.

3- Killer Kitchens

Lastly, try creating a master-chef inspired kitchen with mounted cookwares. Also, try to install a tiny-house inspired idea with an eat-in kitchen set-up. How? Here is something for the minimalists (you are waiting for this one, right?).

Now it is not enough that you get your handy tools working and drilling on the walls to reveal space-saving, multi-function storage. With innovative acts around your kitchen, get the right balance with keeping up with the basics. Choose minimal color scheme neutral grey floors looks great with whitewashed walls. Light-colored wallpapers or clear glossy countertops match with polished epoxy flooring invites people to enjoy mealtime in the kitchen.

If there is one spot at home that should stay minimalist, it’s the kitchen. You can add easy-to-clean tricks to your kitchen floors when you style them with quality epoxy floors. This design can create pop-art art images that take your kitchen’s steps to the next level. Or simply a clear, light refracting flooring design to appeal to the eyes.