Spruce Up Your Interiors with Wall Art

By Kiara Mac

Wall art should not be an afterthought in your interior design project. From paintings to wall prints, these statement pieces have the power to breathe life into your room. Don’t put this off as the last detail in your new building or renovation.

If you relegate this aspect to the sidelines, you are truly missing out on this fantastic design approach that can change the vibe and set the tone of any kind of space.

If you carefully select your wall art, you will be able to mesh pieces with your existing space, so everything is seamless and harmonious. Here’s why you need these eye-catching pieces in your interiors.

Helps You Set a Color Palette

Usually, choosing your room colors is one of the most daunting tasks you will ever face in interior design. With thousands of hues available in your hardware store, it is understandable why you feel overwhelmed.

It is indeed hard to narrow down these choices, especially when you haven’t got a clue what colors go well together. For best results, put down those paint samples and focus on searching for beautiful wall art. There are many trendy pieces out there that will exude your personality.

Once you find your favorite wall prints, paintings, or art installations, you can use your chosen pieces as your inspiration for the color palette. Just pick two to three shades from the wall art so you can select your accent pieces based on them.

Draws the Eye

A basic rule of interior decoration is that each room must have a focal point. This design component is visually appealing, so it draws the eyes into the space where the piece is situated. A great piece of wall art can readily fulfill this task.

You can place canvas wall art at the most visible parts of the room so that it catches the attention of the visitors very easily.

Put your favorite prints on top of the mantle of your fireplace in your living room. In your master suite, you can opt to place it above your headboard. You can also make a creative gallery of wall art pieces by the bare wall next to your staircase.

Whatever place you choose, the most crucial criterion is size. If your surrounding is big, getting an artwork that’s too small will get overshadowed by the massive environment. For best results, take measurements so you can order the right pieces.

Provides a Robust Texture

You can use your wall art to create texture in your space. Wall art is always not 2-D prints or paintings. If you want to go for something exciting, consider a holographic print or a 3-D print that’s more bold and vibrant. Apart from prints, you can opt for wall art shadow boxes that could hold your favorite figurines.

A mixed-media installation will be excellent for your receiving area.

With all these beautiful textures, you provide visual vibrancy in your interiors. It sets the feel of your room. Rough textures have a rustic feel to them, while smooth ones look sleek, modern, and elegant. Keep these in mind when you are choosing your wall art so you can pick the best one that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Wall art is compelling. Sometimes, you have spaces that are not just quite finished, so they feel rough around the edges. Something feels missing! By putting wall art in these places, you can immediately transform the look of the room, making it feel finished and polished.

Wall art can indeed spruce up our space. It can also be your inspiration to plan your framework for designing the rest of your room. With careful planning, you will end up with interiors that looks as if it were put together by a professional.