Staffordshire policeman finds time to dress as Stormtrooper despite rising knife crime

  • Staffordshire Police shared lighthearted photo of officer sat in back of police van
  • In the past 12 months the county has seen a 15.7 per cent increase in knife crimes
  • Just two months ago force launched week-long campaign to tackle knife crime

A policeman found the time to dress up as a Stormtrooper for a funday – despite his fellow officers fighting a dramatic rise in knife crime across the country.

A Staffordshire police Twitter account shared the lighthearted photo of an officer dressed up as a Star Wars character in the back of a police van earlier today.

In the past 12 months Staffordshire has seen a 15.7 per cent increase in knife crime, with a 30 per cent increase the year before. 

Sharing the photo, the Hartshill Police Twitter account wrote: ‘Pc White @boothenpolice did this at local funday. Comments please best wins a police virtual highfive.’ 

A Staffordshire Police Twitter account shared this photo of a policeman dressed up as a Stormtrooper despite fellow officers battling a 15.7 per cent increase in knife crime

Just two months ago the force launched a week-long campaign to tackle knife crime where officers completed more stop and searches and knife sweeps to find concealed weapons. 

The campaign between February 12 and 16 was part of Operation Sceptre, a nationwide initiative to tackle the growing problem of knife crime.

At the time, Superintendent Ricky Fields, head of operational services at Staffordshire Police, said: ‘We tackle the issue of knives every week of the year, but we are hopeful that this week we can help to stop the increasing trend of knife crime in Staffordshire and further afield.

‘There will be lots of positive action from us and partners across the county to demonstrate how dangerous knives are and the consequences of carrying them, using them or just being in a group of people that use them.’ 

Staffordshire Police have been contacted for comment.