Strippers and escorts share what their first day on the job was like

‘He asked if he could insert his penis in me’: Strippers and escorts reveal what their first day on the job was really like, from pre-performance panic attacks to horrific encounters with sleazy clients

  • A Reddit user asked people what their first day in the sex industry was like
  • Responses poured in with people detailing life as a stripper, escort or prostitute
  • One person admitted her first day ended in her quitting after just three days
  • But another person confessed to having a good time with nothing particularly terrible happening on that first day
  • A stripper revealed how her first day involved seeing people she knew in the audience because of her small town  

Strippers and escorts have opened about their first day on the job and what it was really like to start the risque profession. 

The question about people’s first day in the sex industry was first posed by Reddit user MyAltRedditAccount1. 

It sparked a slew of responses from people detailing their first day on the job, most of which ranged from the awkward moments to rewarding experiences from the very beginning. 

Opening up: Strippers and escorts have opened about their first day on the job and what it was really like to start the risque profession (stock photo)

For one person, she confessed to it being very easy start for her on the job.  

‘I got VERY lucky,’ the person wrote. ‘My first ever client was an attractive, middle aged man who lived in a huge and pristine house. 

‘After all was said and done, I divulged that he was my first client. He looked me in my eyes and said “you shouldn’t be doing this.” I only did it for about six weeks.’ 

Another person had a more awkward story to tell because they decided to strip at a bar near their town, which was already very small. 

This made it a horrifying experience once the person recognized some of the bar’s patrons. 

I’m dancing on him and then he asks if he could insert his penis in me… I freaked out

‘First day on the job stripping — I was 19 and worked in a very tiny club (used to call it my shoebox club) with a wobbly pole from Lowe’s that went through a gaping hole in the ceiling,’ the stripper detailed, adding: ‘Had a panic attack in the dressing room before it was my turn to go on stage cause getting partially naked in front of strangers for the first time is very unsettling, and then came out to see people that I vaguely knew sitting by the tip rail (I used to live small city). 

‘I had actually biked past them on the way to get there! Proceeded to awkwardly roll around on stage and accidentally kicked an ash tray off the tip rail at them. Not my finest hour.’ 

Someone who worked as a prostitute briefly confessed to feeling ‘awkward’ during the first couple interactions. 

But they quickly realized that most of their clients acted nervous during the exchange, which made them feel better in the moment. 

‘I was in a pinch for cash so I decided to try prostitution for a while. I was really nervous at first but honestly the people who requested my service were much more awkward than I was so I got over it pretty quickly,’ they detailed. 

Comments kept pouring in onto the Reddit post with more and more people sharing their experience in the sex industry.

One person found their clients through Craigslist, which they confessed to making for an awkward experience. 

‘Confusing and awkward,’ the person wrote. ‘And advertising through craigslist wasnt easy either. I labeled it naked amateur massage. Lol.

‘I honesty dont remember my first in memory because a lot has happened in several years. I have a lot of great times too. So the bad ones dont stick out to heavily anymore.’

One woman experienced a very uncomfortable experience for her first day on the job. 

‘At one point in my life when I lost my job and car I stripped (lasted only 3 days) and I remember my first day, technically night, like it was yesterday,’ she detailed. 

‘I was very shy, awkward, clueless, desperate, and ashamed. I never thought I would turn to dancing (stripping). After I danced the 5 stages, this Indian man (doctor) asked for a private dance. 

‘We go to the very back of the building where no one can see. So I’m dancing on him and then he asks could he insert his penis in me. I freaked out!!! I said NO! And he said “okay, can I jack off while you dance, ill give you $200”. I agreed. and a few seconds later, he j****d in his pants…. they were khakis….. I made $250 in about 3 minutes.’

This interaction basically ended the woman’s career as a stripper 

‘I was scarred, and was only able to dance 2 more nights before I realized I just couldn’t do it anymore,’ she wrote.