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Dannielle: I lost 5st – and couldn’t have done it without my dogs!

How walking her four-legged friends (and moving more) led to cover star Dannielle’s weight loss

Missing out

My mum, Natasha, and brother, Henry, have always been fit and active, enjoying rock climbing and horse riding. But as someone who hated exercise, I was the odd one out. Weight Watchers helped me realise activity would be beneficial not only to my weight loss, but also to my health – I have polycystic ovary syndrome, and was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Taking charge

Knowing I needed to move more, I decided to start walking my family’s two dogs, Coco and Bea, more often. Coco the Chihuahua is getting on now, but Bea the Staffordshire Bull Terrier joined the family last year and is a huge bundle of energy!

Extra motivation

Having two dogs gives me a daily reason to get moving, and they’ve made a huge difference to my weight loss. We go out for about two hours each day, covering five or more miles at a time. The dogs have transformed me from the girl who always avoided exercise to someone who misses it when it’s not part of the day. And, I’ve lost 5st in the process!