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 Kayleigh: My husband always made me feel like a beauty queen – now, I am one!

Kayleigh’s 4st weight loss boosted her confidence, and she couldn’t have done it without the support of her husband

Making a change I’d always been a happy, upbeat person. But after seeing an unflattering photo of myself, I lost all confidence. With my wedding to Liam just three months away, I knew I needed to make a change.

Quick-fix didn’t work For fast results, I went on a quick-fix meal replacement diet and lost some weight, but by my honeymoon I’d piled it all back on – and more. When a friend recommended Weight Watchers as a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight, I joined.

Lost 1st in first month!

After attending my first meeting, my Coach, Danielle, helped me understand that my relationship with food wasn’t healthy. I ate for comfort when I was sad, and as a reward when I was happy. I lost 1st in my first month and was elated!

Being a Coach

There were a few hiccups and obstacles along the way, but I eventually managed to get down to 12st 11lb – a far cry from my start weight of more than 16st. I then qualified as a Weight Watchers Coach, which gave me the confidence to stand up in front of others and motivate them on their own journeys.

Taking part in a beauty pageant

With Liam’s encouragement, I applied to take part in the Galaxy beauty pageant. He suggested it would be a great way to show off the confident new me, inspire other members, and promote the success of Weight Watchers.

Changing lives

I was lucky enough to be crowned Mrs County Durham Galaxy, and I’m competing in the upcoming national event I couldn’t have ever imagined doing this two years ago! It’s proof of how determination – and Weight Watchers – together can change lives.