Suicidal 300kg man from Queensland sheds 100kg in just 5months

A man who consumed mass amounts of calories each day to comfort himself while hiding a secret from his family has lost more than 100kg in just five months.

Thomas Teneti, 43, vowed to change after his nephew put it to him straight and asked if he was giving up on life – the truth is, he was. 

Mr Teneti knew that if he continued to keep up his lifestyle of up to four takeaway meals an evening, he would not survive – but the Queensland man was terrified of admitting the truth which was pushing him to eat.

Thomas Teneti (pictured left at 300 kilograms and right at 196kg) was eating himself to death while hiding a secret from his family

‘I didn’t want to come out to my family or parents, the next best thing was to kill myself. I didn’t want to do it with a gun or a rope so I did it with food to slowly make my heart stop beating,’ Mr Teneti told Daily Mail Australia. 

The Queensland resident confessed to his 22-year-old nephew, who has lived with Mr Teneti since birth, what he had long been suppressing – he was gay and terrified of the judgement his family may cast on him.

‘My nephew turned around and said ”that is no reason to give up living, we can’t change what people accept” – from that moment something within clicked.

‘The biggest thing was me accepting myself and who I am, and actually telling a family member and coming out. From there it just brighter and brighter.’ 

Today he has dropped to 196kg from 300 kg with a goal weight of 100kg and, after decades of concealing his true self, opened up to his family. 

The 43-year-old was terrified of how his family would react if he came out as gay and would eat high-calorie foods as comfort (before at 300 and today at 196kg)

Five months ago, he confessed his secret to his nephew who inspired him to make a change and take better care of himself 

‘My fear was the disappointment in my parents, and how they would be disappointed with me. What they thought of me meant everything.

‘My mum turned around and said ”I’ve always known but didn’t want to question or ask” – she was alright.’ 

His father – a church man – found out on Tuesday morning ahead of Mr Teneti sharing his story to inspire others. 

He was taken aback by the confession and very quiet but there was not any outbursts of anger or resentment. 

Mr Teneti, who lives in Pimpama, has traded takeaways and loaves of bread he used to gorge on in one sitting for fish, chicken, vegetables and is drinking three litres of water each day.

Thomas uses this photo of himself 'many years ago' as inspiration to return to the man he once was How life use to be ... slowly slowly I am peeling back the layers' 

Thomas uses this photo of himself ‘many years ago’ as inspiration to return to the man he once was How life use to be … slowly slowly I am peeling back the layers’ 

Life now is ‘one thousand times easier’ he explains and credits his weightloss to the Putting Health At The Top (PHATT) program. 

‘Before I started five months ago even putting socks and shoes on I would be breathless. After seven or 10 steps I would have to stop and lean up against something – people used to hear me coming before they saw me.

‘All the little things that we all take for granted would be a struggle – now I can walk without back pain. When I hop into the shower I don’t have to turn sideways – it’s great. 

‘My goal is to get to 100kg, anything after that is a bonus – this a lifestyle for me now – I have to make it lifestyle because of all the food I was shoving down my throat, it abused my body.

Aided with acceptance from his family, he’s motivated to change and lead a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of living 

‘The program is also backed by a nutrition guide and supplements. I believe in PHATT because it works, compared to every other program cost for the products is low and my advice is honestly – check it out.’

He says the program doesn’t require exercise but with the extra mobility, Mr Teneti will go for a walk in the morning and occasionally one in the evening also.

With his new found motivation giving him a fresh start, Mr Teneti is most thankful to his nephew for encouraging him in the first instance.

‘He is the reason why the sudden change, he told me ”there’s no reason for giving up on life” and every day I say to him that I am grateful. He tells me ”you’ve done the hard work” and I say ”it’s you that started this”.’