Sunglasses test & comparison: these are the most popular sunglasses in 2021

With sunglasses, your eyes are protected from the sun and you can also see clearly on the beach.

When you step out onto the terrace, you blind to the sun’s rays, but your modern sunglasses make blinking unnecessary. It protects your eyes from UV radiation and looks great too. With the sports glasses, you are even safe from rays coming in from the side. There is an enormous range of designs and sizes for men, women, and children. So every family member finds their test winner.

In the test of the sunglasses and glasses frames, you will discover classic designs such as the Ray-Ban glasses, smart models with round lenses, and particularly sporty designs. Some prescription sunglasses are available, while others can be worn over prescription glasses. However, some people who wear glasses find this uncomfortable. You decide for yourself which is the best sunglasses for your everyday trips, summer vacation, or cycling.

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How do I recognize good sunglasses?

The design of the sunglasses is a crucial feature, they should also fit well and ensure good UV protection. You can find out more about the selection criteria here.

UV protection: Category 3 is sufficient for Mallorca

In the sunglasses tests, the UV filter category is an essential quality feature. The simplest models are classified as 0, while the best protection is classified as 4. Sunglasses from UV filter class 1 are sufficient for cloudy days, while category 2 offers better protection. For summer days in our latitudes, this middle class is usually sufficient.

With sunglasses of UV filter category 3, you get a reliable model for a beach holiday. For a stay in the high mountains, it should be category 4. As a supplement to the UV filter category, a polarization filter is worthwhile depending on the situation. This softens reflections that are caused by the surface of the water or the snow.

Frame material: plastic is the most common material

The frame of the sunglasses affects the overall look and comfort. If you choose a chic model with wood, the weight will be relatively heavy. Light plastic is often used, and there are also classic glasses with horns and elements made of light metal. The decision for a certain material is also based on the total weight and comfort.

Suitability: Different models for women, men, and children

The design and size show whether the sunglasses are suitable for men, women, or children. The models for men are relatively large and distinctive compared to the women’s and children’s glasses. However, Dior glasses suit all these 3 categories and also are trendy in 2021. Many men prefer a sporty look and dark frame colors. The shapes and colors of sunglasses for women are very diverse. Feminine designs can be found as well as smart and playful details. Many women match their sunglasses with the rest of the wardrobe.

Side protection for athletes

Sun rays and reflections from the side can be very annoying, especially during sporting activities and when driving. That is why sunglasses for sports use are often equipped with protective elements on the sides. Unlike the classic frames, there are no thin brackets here, but a wider frame or an enlarged glass surface. The structure of the temples not only reduces the incidence of light but also affects the overall stability of the glasses.

What types of sunglasses are there?

Sunglasses come in a wide variety of designs – everything from wooden glasses to sunglasses for athletes is available. With the various models, the type of application is the most important factor.

Classic sunglasses

With the classic sunglasses from the test comparisons, models like Ray-Ban are in great demand. In addition to the original designs, you will find comparable glasses from other, often cheaper, brands. It is important that the lenses have a sufficiently good tint with UV protection. The search for the perfect sunglasses is also about the perfect fit and good adaptation to your face shape. The marking of the UV protection category will help you make a decision.

Modern sunglasses are often equipped with tinted plastic lenses. When it comes to glasses frames for children and adults, there are differences in size, weight, and durability. The test winners of normal sunglasses for leisure time are relatively robust and yet lightweight. The large selection ranges from subtle designs to striking, black frames.


  • Cheap price
  • Diverse designs for women, men, children, and young people
  • Excellent comfort level


  • Restrictions on the UV protection class possible
  • Adjustment may be necessary

The prescription sunglasses

If you normally wear glasses, you need to put on the sunglasses as well. Alternatively, you can choose prescription sunglasses or varifocals. This is an individual custom-made product from an optician. With tint and eyesight, this model combines 2 functions. When the sun is shining all you need is glasses and you don’t always have to carry extra glasses with you.

For far-sighted people, sunglasses are ideal as reading glasses. This is very convenient if you enjoy reading while sunbathing. For myopic people, there are also suitable sunglasses with appropriately adapted lenses. You can see everything clearly when you are strolling through town or while driving and benefit from the good UV protection at the same time.

No second glasses are necessary for people who wear glasses Quite expensive in comparison
Optimally adapted glasses Not always immediately available in the desired prescription
Always prepared for sunlight Limited selection

Sports sunglasses

Some brands have focused on sunglasses for athletes. These models adapt perfectly to the shape of the face and head. Often they are not equipped with classic temples, but with a headband. This keeps the sports glasses securely in place, whether you are cycling or walking. Sports sunglasses are typically provided with plastic frames and lenses in order to minimize the risk of injury from cuts.

The test winners of the sports sunglasses have a wide field of vision and colored plastic lenses. The latter is suitable for different lighting conditions and always ensures an optimal view. However, the prices for these special glasses are a bit higher.

Secure fit Less suitable for everyday life
Good glass quality Relative expensive
Suitable for outdoor athletes
Strong designs