Supplements and vitamins are essential to your health

iHerb vs. GNC: which one to choose

You may have been looking for a place to scoop up some dietary supplements and vitamins. But what you’ve just found is a whole universe of health, beauty, and personal care products.

Put the iHerb coupon code in the drive at checkout to refill that cool and dry place of yours.

You shouldn’t store supplements elsewhere but in a cool and dry place unless you want that good stuff to keep its potency. iHerb is a mammoth-sized store offering supplements, herbs, beauty, personal care, sports, grocery, baby, home, and even pet products.

Every coin comes with two sides. Let’s see what’s happening on the other side. GNC Live Well comes into view once you flip it. iHerb would love to have no business rivals on the market. But here comes GNC.

The company’s product assortment resembles that of its industry contestant. Yet it gravitates more toward sports supplements.

You can engage the GNC promo code to get classic blends of dietary supplements for a healthy lifestyle. But the company also offers a variety of bundles contoured to building muscles, growing endurance, getting ready for a workout, and other sports goals.

Sticking to a balanced diet may be harder than you think

If find yourself walking past massive round columns, the discernible features of Harvard Medical School’s façade, you may see an elegantly dressed lady coming down the steps. It is a professor of medicine Dr. JoAnn Mason.

If you ask her what beliefs her view of dietary supplements rest on, she is likely to shake her head and say it isn’t about beliefs but ace-cold facts.

This is what she once said about the matter to Harvard Health Publishing, “Supplements are never a substitute for a balanced, healthful diet”. Still, millions of Americans take supplements and vitamins every day.

Believe it or not, neither Dr. Mason nor millions of Americans are mistaken in their points of view.

GNC focuses on sports nutrition and supplements

Eating a healthful, balanced diet is a key to answering the question of whether you ought to be iHerb’s or GNC’s customers or not.

Can you stick to a balanced diet? If you have a million-dollar lab in your basement operated by a bunch of chemists, then you can keep your health in full check daily.

If not, it is better to fall into epic savings on selected GNC proteins, wellness products, and other supplements.

If you need your supplements at short notice (let’s say it is a pre-workout booster – creatine), place an order before 1 p.m. By doing so, you will unpack a delivery box by the end of the day of order placement.

You can order whatever your need fast and easily. Download the app and shop on your phone. GNC iOS and Android apps make it easier to sign up. You can make deliveries a routine and save 10% per each one. Shipping gets complimentary for subscribers.

iHerb has it all for everyone, even the little ones, and pets

iHerb is a repository of supplements. This warehouse displays an armada of the world’s popular brands. The product assortment straddles Super Nutrition, Sierra Bees, Vitables, Gummiology, Olsomega, Lake Avenu Nutrition, and more trademarks.

Get the iHerb app (iOS and Android) to buy everything from multivitamin blends and whey proteins to baby nutrition and pet food. You can have your supplies delivered regularly on a special by creating the account of a returning customer.

The store offers trending products and specials. Each one of those categories appears with a discounted price point. You can find best-selling picks on the homepage of iHerb’s website or app.

Which one to choose then?

It depends on your lifestyle. GNC is the point of destination for the adherents of an active lifestyle who also happen to be a gym-goer. Along with regular supplements, you can find whey protein, creatine, and other picks to build a lean, strong, and endurable body.

iHerb suits all people who lead a healthy lifestyle and would love to provide their entire family with dietary supplements.

The store offers products for adults, children, and even pets. By examining your status-quo, you will find supplements and other health, beauty, and personal care products. What matters most are quality and safety. And both brands display nothing short of it.