Supply Chain Software

An efficient supply chain is essential for efficient enterprise logistics. Supply chain software is software tools used to manage customer and supplier relationships and monitor supply chain transactions. Its usage increases the efficiency of supply chain planning and enhances the productivity of the entire business.


Supply Chain Management is a set of coordinated actions that are applied to all participants in the delivery (supplier, client, transport company, etc.) to deliver the goods at the right time, place, and in the right quantity as efficiently as possible for the manufacturer and the consumer.

The Most Efficient Tools

3Keys GmbH is a company that specializes in providing all kinds of Track and Trace projects. One of its services is the implementation of global digital solutions for the integrity of the supply chain. It offers several options of supply chain management software:

SAP Advanced Track and Trace is the world leader in enterprise applications. It is a solution designed to help companies of all sizes increase production efficiency. This solution is capable of processing large amounts of data for compliance with government rules and regulations. SAP ATT is used for marking stock balances, regulatory reporting, product import, and transfer for sale.

The CRPT Connector is a unique management solution developed by 3Keys GmbH. It is used to implement and monitor a digital signature without installing additional software. Also, the connector provides tracking and redirection of incoming and outgoing messages from SAP ATTP to CRPT.

Kvinta is an innovative solution that includes a wide range of complex features and settings. It helps you comply with tracking rules and fight illegal trade and product counterfeiting. Kvinta allows you to unite all participants of the logistics process. Thus, it ensures the integrity of all operations and full monitoring along the entire supply chain.

Supply chain software is an indispensable tool in your business. Its correct implementation will help stabilize and multiply the company’s productivity.