Swarm of sharks attack lone crocodile near Wessel Islands in the Northern Territory

Jawdropping footage has captured an ‘Aussie as it gets’ moment of a lone crocodile swimming among a swarm of sharks before one got snappy and tried to chomp on its leg. 

The feisty encounter between the shiver of nurse sharks and the croc took place at night in waters around Wessel Islands –  a group of uninhabited islands off Northern Territory.

The video shared to Instagram by Jessie Leigha last week, shows several sharks circling the predator. 

The crocodile stood its ground despite being outnumbered as it tried to snap down on a rope from one of the nearby boats.

An concerned onlooker warned the predator to not get too close.

‘We have a little friend,’ one woman is heard saying as the crocodile approached. 

A man shouted: ‘Oi, don’t eat the rope,’ before a third person yelled: ‘F**k off!’

The crocodile swam close to the surface, seemingly unfazed by the swarm of sharks beneath it. 

As the clip continued, the sharks became more curious as many approached and swam close to the reptile.

One shark tried to get a mouthful of the crocodile and swiftly bit down on its leg, which caused a short-lived thrashing in the water. 

The crocodile manages to escape the jaws of the shark before swimming into the dark and away from the frenzy. 

‘Unfriendly nighttime guests. The sharks had a few chomps on Mr. Snappy,’ Ms Leigha captioned the video

Many online viewers found the footage amusing while others branded the clip as quintessentially Aussie.

The crocodile swims close to the surface, seemingly unfazed by the swarm of sharks beneath it before one tries to chomp down on its leg

Video shared to Instagram shows the wild interaction between the shoal of sharks and the lone crocodile in waters around Wessel Islands, Northern Territory (pictured) 

‘Most Aussie video I’ve ever seen,’ one person commented. 

‘This is as Australian as it gets. Telling it to not eat the rope and F off,’ another wrote. 

‘Tell me you’re Aussie without telling me,’ a third added. 

A fourth joked: ‘In Australia this is your standard children’s swimming pool I think.’

While crocodiles and sharks are both apex predators, they are not considered to be adversaries and often converge in pursuit of prey and territory. 

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