Sydney church stabbing: Bishop Mar Mari’s chilling sermon months before attack warning congregation he had ‘weeks to live’

The bishop stabbed during a church service in Sydney on Monday night was warned there had been a threat to his life in the weeks before the incident.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was stabbed at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in i the southwestern suburb of Wakeley during an service that was being livestreamed. 

His alleged attacker, a 16-year-old boy, was seen approaching the pulpit where the bishop stood and then stabbing him multiple times to the head and neck as parishioners could be heard screaming and shouting before rushing to intervene.

In February, Bishop Mar Mari revealed threats made toward him on social media, telling him he would die within weeks.

‘There’s been a video circulating on TikTok and I don’t know where else, saying that the bishop has two weeks to live,’ he said in a sermon.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was stabbed at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley – an incident broadcast on the church’s livestream (pictured)

A 16-year-old boy known to police has been arrested over the incident (he is pictured being held down by at least three people  before police arrived at the scene)

A 16-year-old boy known to police has been arrested over the incident (he is pictured being held down by at least three people  before police arrived at the scene)

‘Somebody say, “Farewell bishop, and we are really sad to see you go”. 

‘Look, I was extremely excited when I heard that I have two weeks to live. Because I don’t want to stay in this world. For me, it’s over. 

‘Whether I stay or not, that doesn’t matter, really. I’ve had my share of this world. And I pray that the Lord takes me today before tomorrow, I want to be with him.’ 

 Bishop Mar Mari said that if he died, it would not be an ‘escape’ or ‘running away’.

‘I’m saying it with confidence in the Lord Jesus, I love you, Lord, and I choose you,’ he said. 

‘Any time of the day, all day long, to be with you. I don’t care about the world and whatever the world gives.

‘Thank the person who did this video. Thank you so much. I didn’t know that I was dying in two weeks. 

‘I’m not sure if I will go in two weeks’ time; maybe I don’t know,’ he said before brushing off any insinuation he was battling health issues. 

‘As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think I am sick, and I’m dying.’

The video clip of his sermon ended with the Bishop saying: ‘Some of them heard and said ‘Yes, finally we getting rid of this old Bishop.’

‘Sorry, guys. I’m still sitting on your heart,’ he laughed.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested after a stabbing of the bishop, which sparked unrest as an angry mob confronted police. 

Police have declared the incident a terror attack as NSW Premier Chris Minns urged calm on Monday night after the stabbing of Bishop.

‘Those violent pictures are probably what caused the uproar in the community – people saw that, responded and unfortunately we ended up with a public order incident,’ NSW acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Holland told reporters. 

The suspect was ‘known to police,’ Mr Holland said, and not a regular attendee at the church.

Mr Minns said the scene was disturbing but urged calm, adding that he convened a meeting of faith leaders representing religious communities across western Sydney late on Monday night.

He said they ‘endorsed and supported a unanimous condemnation of violence in any form, called for the community to follow first responder and police instructions and called for calm in the community’.

‘We’re calling on everyone to act with kindness and respect for each other,’ he said.

NSW Ambulance said they were called to the church about 7.15pm and sent multiple paramedics to the scene.

NSW Police said two clergyman were taken to hospital.

The church said Bishop Emmanuel and a senior priest were in a stable condition and also appealed for calm.

‘We ask for your prayers at this time,’ the church said in a statement posted on social media.

‘We also kindly ask anyone at the church to leave in peace as our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, teaches us.’

Mr Holland said a 15-year-old suspect ‘sustained injuries to his hand as a result of his actions’.

He said the stabbing suspect was held down by parishioners of the church until police arrived.

‘Police were in the process of conveying the young person from the church when it was identified a large group had gathered outside,’ Mr Holland said.

‘A decision was made to retain the young person in the church for his safety’.

The crowd continued to build outside the church and ‘a public order incident developed requiring police from all regions across Sydney’.

Mr Holland said more than 100 police officers and 30 police vehicles attended and the suspect was later removed from the church.

Two police officers were taken to hospital after being injured by members of the crowd who broke into ‘a number of houses to gain weapons to throw at the police’.

More than 20 police cars were damaged.

Mr Holland said some in the group also threw items at the church in a bid to get access to the suspect.

‘They need to let police to do their jobs and let us do the investigation,’ he said.

‘Police will make arrests in the future in relation to this public order incident,’ Mr Holland said.