Sydney police staffer found guilty of indecent assault after groping girl, 13, in a lift [Video]

Disturbing moment police staffer chases terrified 13-year-old girl into a lift before repeatedly groping her – as his pathetic excuses for assault are revealed in police interview footage

  • Glenn Roche was filmed chasing the girl into an elevator and grabbing her
  • The victim managed to escape and tell her mother about her horrific ordeal 
  • Roche, 54, said ‘there was no sexual gratification’ when he touched her
  • The 13-year-old was frightened after the incident and suffers from nightmares

A police staffer who chased a 13-year-old girl into a lift and squeezed her left breast twice has been found guilty of indecent assault. 

Glenn Roche, a civilian employee of the police force, groped the teenager at Sydney’s Cabramatta train station in July 2019 after spending the day sightseeing with her family and his wife.

In shocking CCTV footage, the 54-year-old chases the girl into an elevator and clutches her around the waist and slid to the ground. 

The victim managed to escape and tell her mother about her horrific ordeal, and later told a court he squeezed her breast twice. 

When Roche faced Liverpool Magistrate’s Court this week, he told the judge chasing her into the lift was a game.

In police interviews, Roche acknowledged his hands slid across her chest area, ‘so there would have been some sort of contact without doubt, but claimed there was “no sexual gratification”,’ according to 7 News.

‘She contributed to that occurring by releasing her body weight and sliding through my hands,’ he added.

During the initial court proceedings in September, Roche told police he gave the victim’s younger sister and mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye, the Daily Telegraph reported.

‘My mind has gone off on a tangent like, this is a challenge, to me, I can get her and give her a kiss on the cheek like her two sisters and mum,’ he said. 

Pictured: Roche, describing how he touched the teenage girl as she slid to the ground in a lift

He said that when he saw the teenager run into the elevator, he jumped in to say goodbye and told investigators he ‘should have realised her desire for me not to kiss her on the cheek’.

‘I remember kissing her on the right cheek and I said that’s all I wanted to do,’ he said. 

Later that night, he received a call from the girl’s mother to say she was scared.

The girl told the court she still has nightmares about the attack and worries it will happen again.

The magistrate did not accept Roche’s explanation and found him guilty of indecent assault.

Roche still maintains he did nothing wrong. He was suspended from his job and will be sentenced in August.