Sydney traffic: Major delays expected after protesters block off Spit Bridge

Major delays in Sydney as protesters with ‘fireproof Australia’ signs hijack a busy bridge and bring the morning commute for thousands to a halt – before police drag them away screaming

Protesters blocked off Sydney’s Spit Bridge this morning, causing major traffic delays before police removed them. 

Motorists are warned to expect delays after traffic built up heading into the city. 

Commuters and motorists said protesters blocked traffic by sitting in the middle of the road, holding with signs with read ‘Fireproof Australia’.

Buses heading into the city were stopped in their tracks by a group of protesters  (pictured) on the Spit Bridge

Many shared photos and footage of the traffic chaos before police arrived and removed the group.

‘Protestors’ being basically carried off the Spit Bridge,’ one commuter tweeted:

A NSW Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia protesters quickly dispersed and that all traffic lanes are now clear.

No arrests have been made. 

The incident added to a second consecutive day of chaos on Sydney roads after ‘limited’ train services resumed on Tuesday morning.

More to come.