Sylvia Baldock on the ‘charisma code’

Sylvia Baldock is a leading charisma coach who believes charming people are more successful in both social and professional situation.

She argues that an upbeat personality results in a more energetic person making them healthier and happier. 

Here she reveals to FEMAIL her nine tips to boost your career and even land you a promotion.

Sylvia Baldock claims that charismatic people are healthier and happier and that this personality trait can boost you up the career ladder

Why is it that charismatic people seem to attract more opportunities, recognition and success than their less charismatic colleagues?

What is it that makes them stand out from the crowd so they are seen, heard, and remembered long after they have left the room?

Charismatic people recognise their own value. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin, so they make others feel comfortable around them. 

They are much more likely to play full out in the workplace and to make others feel appreciated and heard.

Charismatic people are healthier, happier and more engaging than their non-charismatic colleagues. They brighten up the room just by being there, people notice them, listen to what they have to say and miss them when they are not around.

Many people believe that charisma is just the luck of the draw. You are either born with it or you have to live life without it.

Sylvia says it is a misconception that you are either born with or without charisma and that it can be learnt 

Sylvia says it is a misconception that you are either born with or without charisma and that it can be learnt 

The good news is that we all have an inherent charisma and it can be developed by recognising your true value and being confident about the unique strengths and skills you have to offer.

Charisma gives you the power to influence others, so how can you use this to get the next promotion?

Charisma is based on true self-belief

Charisma and personal presence are very closely intertwined. Both of these are based on being confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

Being at ease with who you are, your natural talents and your values, means you radiate positive energy and people love being around you.

Get noticed for the right reasons

With a tenth of a second to make a first impression, your appearance and body language will make an instant and lasting impression on everyone you meet. 

Think about the last wedding you went to, how much time did you spend planning your outfit to the last detail in order to feel and look your best.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours getting ready for work every day, but just think about how you’ll boost your confidence at work if you invest more into your appearance. If you look your best, you’re perceived as being on top of your game and you get noticed.

Colour and style are crucial

Investing in a colour and style consultation is money well spent. It’s a one off exercise to identify the colour pallet that brings out the best tones in your skin alongside the styles and designs that flatter your figure. 

Wearing the wrong colours can make you look older and tired. The days of power dressing in black suits are behind us, especially for women. Being brave and bold with colour in the right way makes you look energised and engaged.

When you’re armed with the information you get from a style and colour makeover it can save you a fortune. Research shows we wear just 20 per cent of our wardrobe 80 per cent of the time. It also saves time shopping as you know exactly which colours and styles are right for you and it’s really easy to pull together a capsule work wardrobe whatever your budget.

Sucking up to the boss

Some people think that being incredibly extrovert and sucking up to the boss is a fast track to promotion. However it shows a lack of self-confidence and does you no favours. 

When it comes to clothing choices Sylvia recommends being brave and bold with colour, helping you to look energised and engaged

When it comes to clothing choices Sylvia recommends being brave and bold with colour, helping you to look energised and engaged

Your boss is looking for you to be confident in the value you have to offer and your abilities. Drama queens can be difficult to manage so always be solutions focussed and collaborative.

Be the best version of yourself

If you look after yourself physically and mentally, you’ll give yourself the best chance of progression. 

Try to find a morning routine that lends itself to your being on top form mentally and physically, you’ll feel far more energised and ready for whatever the day throws at you. 

Build in time to exercise or meditate before work, you are subliminally saying to yourself -‘I matter!’.

Managing stress at work

Arriving late, tired and hung-over will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. Managing your own physical and mental state will serve you well during stressful times at work. 

This means you don’t have to wade through the ‘head fog’ in order to find a solution. You can stay calm and professional and work through it without blowing your top. This is one of the key things your manager will be looking at if they’re considering you for a promotion.

Are you a radiator or a drain?

If you love to get involved in work politics, spread rumours about your colleagues and are a glass ‘half-empty’ person, you’re probably a ‘drain’ who sucks the energy from those around you. 

Don’t get involved, it won’t serve you well and you’ll struggle to be taken seriously when you want to move up the ranks. ‘Radiators’, on the other hand, are a pleasure to be around, they exude positivity and lift the energy of everyone they come into contact with.

Should you voice your ambitions?

Definitely. Choosing the right time and a place is important. Set a meeting or use your appraisal, make it a positive forward-looking discussion. 

Talk about where you’d like to go and how you’re investing in yourself to help you get there. Ask for help with the training you need to get there.

Do not use this meeting to:

  • Moan about everything that is wrong with the business.
  • Hold a gun to your boss’s head and threaten to leave if you don’t get your own way
  • Make the conversation about money; it’s about development and progression and what you can bring to the organisation.

Communicating with Charisma

Charismatic people live in the ‘present’, which means that when they are interacting with people, they give them their full attention.

Giving the gift of undiluted listening means people feel heard and appreciated, you understand where they are coming from and you respond in a way that reassures them they have been understood.