Take this advice: Don’t fall into the trap of abusing casino bonuses

Casino bonuses can have you seeing those dollar signs in your eyes. It’s a way to get something for just about nothing. And if you know what you’re doing, bonuses can even help you win big. With hundreds of bonus deals available, it’s easy to get caught up.

But we’re here to warn you: be mindful of how you choose and use those bonuses.

Casino bonus abuse is something that all online casinos are on the lookout for. They know the tricks that players get up to in trying to get around the rules of bonus play. But if you’re not sure what bonus abuse looks like, don’t worry.

We have you covered. Take a look at these rules of play to avoid abuse.

Don’t Create Multiple Accounts

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to bonus abuse. Making multiple accounts at an online casino may look tricky at first glance, but many people try and find ways around it.

For instance, each account needs ID verification, but this can be circumnavigated when people take out accounts under their partner’s or family’s information. Some casinos use IP tracking to ensure the same household doesn’t have multiple accounts, which VPNs can help mask.

However, players trying to use these tricks are at serious risk of being caught and their winnings being taken away. It is against the rules of play to create and use multiple accounts.

Don’t Claim Multiple Bonuses at Once

Collecting one bonus typically means that you need to play out that particular bonus before you can collect another at the same casino.

What this means is that even if you are offered multiple different welcome bonus offers for a particular casino, you will not be able to play them together. For instance, a no-deposit bonus may need to be played out before claiming and using a match bonus.

Don’t Try and Location Bounce

The same casino may offer its services to players in different regions, each with different bonuses and conditions attached. Some players may try and attempt to play as if they are in different regions to get different bonuses that they are not entitled to.

If you are caught playing at the casino and collecting bonuses in this type of fashion, you will have your winnings confiscated and you will be kicked off the platform.

Don’t Bet It All At Once

Casino bonuses are there for you to play for a while at casinos. They want you to get a taste of the games on offer, not just play it all at once. This is the reason why most bonuses come with attached rules such as playthrough requirements.

These requirements typically state that you will need to play through the amount of the bonus a certain amount of times before you can catch out. Customers who get caught flouting the rules will be taken off the platform.

Don’t Save Bonuses For Other Promos

It can be tempting to save up match bonuses to play at certain times. For instance, some casinos run tournaments, happy hours, and other promotions that have other prizes on offer for when you play.

However, applying bonuses to these types of games or events is a no-no. While most casinos will automatically block you from spending your bonuses on these games, sometimes there will be situations when they have forgotten to apply these rules.

If you are caught applying a bonus to certain promo games, you will likely get caught and any further prizes revoked, any winnings taken away, and your bonus put back in your account – if you aren’t frozen out of the platform, that is.

Don’t Practice Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the practice of placing opposing bets so that you will get a win, no matter the outcome of the game. While arbitrage is far more common in the sports betting world, in some casino games, this can still be done.

However, arbitrage is the enemy of the online gambling industry. Any players who are caught doing arbitrage betting will be banned from online gambling platforms and their names may even be blacklisted across sites.

Don’t Play The Fool

Online casino play can be great fun and the bonuses on offer can be pretty lucrative. While it’s tempting to try and cash in more bonuses, it’s important not to go around the rules that online casinos set.

There are always more casinos to visit if you want a new bonus or two, but shopping around and trying to get around the rules time after time will probably see you staring down several bans.