Take Your Road Trip to the Next Level by Picking Peugeot Car Sales

Do you remember the last time you went on a road trip? Have you tried driving along the coastal roads from Sydney to Melbourne? If you are like most Aussies who couldn’t wait to get on the road after the long months of staycation, then you are on the right page!

Travel restrictions are slowly easing around Australia. Now that summer is fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to look for a car that’s perfect for long drives. You can check out the latest Peugeot car sales, for instance, and start planning your next adventure on the road.

Whether you go on a solo trip or with your loved ones for that much-needed break, picking a reliable vehicle will make your summer more memorable.

What Makes the Peugeot 3008 the Car of Choice

Despite the ongoing shortage of semiconductors worldwide, Peugeot Australia made it their priority to produce the latest model, the 3008. The original version of this car was released over a decade ago but with its recent facelift, it has made its mark among car buyers.

Below are reasons why the Peugeot is the perfect car for your next road trip:

Accurate steering

If you are looking for a vehicle that is perfect for long drives, check its steering capability. A great highway vehicle can track accurately with minimal steering required so you feel relaxed while driving. Badly designed systems wear you out easily on long drives but Peugeots steering wheels are designed for uncanny corners with relaxed gait. This makes driving more enjoyable as you cruise along Australia’s scenic coastal routes. Don’t forget to play upbeat music that’s perfect for road trips to complete your whole experience.

Low Maintenance and Fuel-efficient

Regular maintenance checks are not cheap. That’s why you need a car like the Peugeot car sales with fuel-efficient diesel engines especially if you plan to drive along the coastal routes from Melbourne to Sydney. Peugeot has a flexible engine that effortlessly pulls the car along with 1.5 HDi diesel making it an ideal choice.

Ample interior space

This is where the latest Peugeot car sales win everyone’s hearts. Its impressive interior is one of the reasons why it is the top choice for families. It’s a big car that puts great emphasis on sharp details in its design, both on the interior and exterior. You can fold the rear seat just by pressing the release handles in the boot so you can have more load space. You can pack your essentials and store them with ease.

Comfortable riding

Although the Peugeot 3008 is fitted with large wheels, they didn’t ruin the comfort of riding. The reason why this is termed as Europe’s answer to the Toyota RAV4 is because of its style and flair. Upon opening, you can smell the scent of full-grain leather.

It also has heated seats for the driver and front passenger plus a massage function that helps ease your back from the discomfort of driving long distances. At the central front is an armrest that has a butterfly-wing opening and the storage compartment is air-conditioned and equipped with lighting tucked behind the middle console.

Has state-of-the-art safety features

When going on a road trip, it’s expected that you will rarely have the time to sit back and relax. But if the car is packed with the latest safety features designed for emergencies, then you can be worry-free while driving.

The 3008 is equipped with an advanced driver assistant system along with attention warner, adaptive cruise control, and speed limit sign recognition and recommendation among a few. It also has night vision to help you drive safely at night. This helps you detect potentially dangerous situations that are beyond the range of your regular headlight.

The Final Verdict

The coastal areas of Australia are the perfect backdrop for road trips. This is a classic summertime activity that most Aussies truly enjoy. This is where the Peugeot SUV comes into play. Whether you are driving to your dream destination or driving around just for fun, having the right vehicle truly makes a difference.

Be sure to put joy into your journey by investing in a comfortable ride that is not only sturdy but also fuel-efficient. You can also visit our blog to learn more.