Tatler produces ‘toddler etiquette’ guide for posh kids

  • Tatler has produced a ‘toddler etiquette’ guide on how to raise a posh baby
  • The guide includes advice on toddler fine dining, bedtimes and posh playdates
  • It said that parents have to accept that all toddlers can be ‘a***holes’ sometimes

Most parents of toddlers are too busy worrying about when their next tantrum will strike to be concerned about whether their child is making a good impression.

However, society bible Tatler has produced a bizarre guide to help mums and dads raise a posh toddler with impeccable manners.

Featured in their latest issue ‘The Tatler guide to toddler etiquette’, provides top tips on how to raise a highbrow child. 

Divided into how toddlers should behave around other children and how they should be acting around adults, the guide includes advice on how to deal with ‘a***hole’ toddlers and advises ‘removing’ children who aren’t quiet.

Tatler has shared its ‘toddler etiquette’ guide and gives tips on how to raise a posh child

The guide claimed some toddlers can be ‘a****holes’ and said there was no way to save them, advising simply to let them grow out of it.

It said: ‘Sometimes your toddler will be the a***hole, as long as there is no violence, then (telling them to) ”BE NICE!!!!!!!” is kind of pointless.

‘Just have loads of fun until the a***hole decides it’s boring to be the a***hole. The child currently basking in the role of the angel will be the a***hole someday soon.’

Bizarrely, the guide also included the proper etiquette needed to deal with disputes over the dressing up box.

The magazine claims that the host child should have the first choice from the box because they must have their favourite costume. 

The guide said the host child on playdates should have first pick at the dressing up box

The guide said the host child on playdates should have first pick at the dressing up box

‘For goodness’ sake, allow the host child to wear his/her favourite’ adding ‘Would you let a complete stranger snatch your most treasured possession just to prove you are big-hearted?’

On a rather controversial note writer Annabel Rivkin adds that the only way to deal with a loud child is to ‘remove’ them claiming that they ruin ‘everything for everyone’

She advised against trying to show off parenting skills by disciplining them, and instead opting for a quick fix of simply taking them outside.   

Tatler offers somewhat practical advise, such as keeping to a bedtime because British toddlers turn into ‘vampires’ after dark.

Other tips included taking toddlers to the toilet in frequently and encouraging impromptu dancing, but being wary not to attract too much attention

Tatler’s guide to toddler etiquette 


  • Encourage impromptu dancing, just don’t attract attention
  •  Let your child have first pick of the dressing up box
  • Keep a bedtime routine
  •  Take your child to the toilet in regular intervals


  •  Let children eat together or share their food
  •  Try to be discipline when children shout, just remove them from the room 
  • Take too many photos of children, other people’s kids won’t like it 


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