Taylor Swift fans sellout all direct flights to Sydney leaving Western Australia players split across indirect flights for Marsh Cup final

  •  Western Australian players have been forced to take multiple indirect flights
  • Taylor Swift fans have sold all direct flights from Perth to Sydney 
  •  Western Australia take on New South Wales in the Marsh Cup final

Organising a team’s travel across a country can be a logisitcal nightmare with so many things to consider, from flight times, to hotel stays.

And the last thing you’d want to have to deal with before a final is any more complications than completely necessary.

For Western Australia, their preparations for the Marsh Cup final hit a rather unforeseen snag.

The players were reportedly forced to fly into Sydney on multiple indirect flights into Sydney from Perth.

The reason their flights were disrupted? Taylor Swift’s eras tour rolls through Sydney, Australia and the megastar’s fans had completely sold out all direct options.

Andrew Tye joked that Taylor Swift should have sent Western Australia a private jet

Taylor Swift fans sold out all direct flights to Sydney to catch her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift fans sold out all direct flights to Sydney to catch her Eras Tour

Friday marked the first of four consecutive shows at ACCOR Stadium in Sydney for the pop icon.

Western Australia bowl Andrew Tye joked ‘It would have been nice if Taylor Swift sent a private jet for us, seeing as she cost us a direct flight, but that’s okay. Following the disruption to their travel plans.

Tye’s joke comes after Swift came under pressure due to her jet setting ways between her Eras Tour and visiting boyfriend Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately for Western Australia borrowing a private jet from Taylor Swift was made much harder recently.

The 14-time Grammy winner sold her $40 million Dassault Falcon 900LX on January 30 to car insurance company Car Shield based in Missouri, now estimated to be worth around $7million second-hand.

She reportedly purchased the jet for $40million in 2011, with FAA records showing that the 900LX was transferred to Triangle Real Estate from SATA LLC in Nashville, which is believed to stand for her family members’ names, after her father Scott, mother Andrea, Taylor and brother Austin.

The ownership switched on January 30, with Triangle Real Estate LLC appearing to have been on the hunt for an upgrade after selling its $400k 1976 Cessna 421 on January 25, opting for Swift’s larger plane instead.

Representatives for Hamilton, Triangle Real Estate LLC and CarShield did not respond to request for comment by DailyMail.com.

Swift still owns her Dassault Falcon 7X which if bought new costs $54million. She has been using the jet as her main mode of transport for the Eras Tour.

Western Australia will take on New South Wales in today’s final and they will be hoping Andrew Tye’s bowling can help lead them to 

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