Taylor Swift fans tracking her flight path from Hawaii to Melbourne

There are thousands of planes in the air at the moment but there is one crossing Hawaii that has become the globe’s most-tracked flight with almost 1500 people watching its trek across the Pacific. 

Flight VJT993 from Honolulu is carrying the global pop-culture phenomenon Taylor Swift, who is scheduled to land in Melbourne for the Australian leg of her massively popular Eras Tour at 12.40am on Thursday. 

Swift is travelling on a Bombardier Global 6000, a luxurious private jet that boasts a maximum range of 6000 nautical miles with a capacity of up to 17 passengers.

After landing Swift will have roughly two days to manage her jetlag before she takes the stage for her first Australian show since 2018.

Almost 1500 people are tracking the luxurious private jet bringing Taylor Swift to Australia

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It’s been a busy week already for the superstar, who left Tokyo’s Haneda Airport headed for Los Angeles’ LAX airport over the weekend.

She spent just a few days in the US, making the trek across the globe to watch her boyfriend Kansas Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce as he won the NFL Super Bowl and partying with him before resuming her tour to Australia.

Swift fever has already taken hold Down Under with thousands of Swifties ready to crowd into the Melbourne Cricket Ground from February 16 to 18 and the Accor Stadium in Sydney from February 23 to 26 for her performances.

Already more than 600,000 tickets have been sold for her performances.

Such is the demand for plane fares to get to concerts in Melbourne and Sydney that some fans are even chartering their own flights, according to travel agency Flight Centre

‘Commercial flights and accommodation are at a premium and we’ve even seen some travellers opting for a private charter flight to get to the concert as a result,’ Flight Centre Travel Group global leisure CEO James Kavanagh told news.com.au.

‘While it may seem extreme, we’re not surprised to see people opting for private flights through our charter aircraft company AVMIN and we’ve had bookings for both Taylor’s Sydney and Melbourne shows.’

Lucky fans with tickets are worried about maximising their Swift experience.

Swift fans are going to desperate lengths to attend her concerts including chartering flights

Swift fans are going to desperate lengths to attend her concerts including chartering flights

One Melbourne ticket holder even posted to a fan forum suggesting ‘adult diapers’ might be a good idea to ensure they don’t miss any songs while waiting in line for the restroom.

‘A bit of a silly question, going to Melbourne N1. Is anyone considering wearing an adult diaper? I just REALLY don’t want to miss a second of it,’ the anonymous post asked.

Organisers of the tour are also concerned about the 15,000 fans who are estimated to arrive at the pop star’s sold-out shows despite not having tickets.

Venues NSW has warned ticketless fanatics to stay away from Accor Stadium to prevent crowd management issues, The Daily Telegraph reported on Sunday.

A spokesperson said fans who missed out on tickets should not try to ‘soak up the atmosphere’ outside, as they likely won’t hear any songs anyway.

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