Teacher tells students to stop being noisy during exam – only to discover one of the pupils has GIVEN BIRTH

  • The student’s family were shocked as there were no signs she was pregnant
  • Baby was born healthy at 7.05lbs (3.2kg) after mother was rushed to hospital

An irate teacher who ordered students to stop being noisy during an exam was stunned to discover one of the pupils had given birth.

The usual silence of the exam hall at the SMA Negeri 1 high school in Sampang, Indonesia was broken on Thursday with a commotion involving both teachers and students.

In an attempt to restore order, Muhammad Nurchalid – the teacher supervising the Grade 10 class – warned pupils to ‘calm down’.

But despite his intervention, ‘they were still noisy’, he later reported, adding: ‘It was followed by the sound of a baby crying.’

‘It turned out that a student was covered in blood, with a baby beside her,’ he added.

File photo. A teacher was shocked when an exam was interrupted by the birth of a child 

Nurchalid called a female teacher and the school’s PR officer and the student was taken to a local clinic for help.

But due to medical complications, the mother’s condition was deemed unstable and she was referred to Dr Mohammad Zyn Sampang Regional Hospital, Nurchalid said.

The baby was eventually born weighing 3.2kg (approximately 7.05lbs).

On Friday, the headteacher of the school, Mr Sukardi, reported that the student had been in intensive care due to seizures caused by bleeding, but that her condition had continued to improve.

‘We received news at around half past 11 last night that the placenta had been successfully removed.

‘Thank God, it is now better. The baby has been brought home,’ the headteacher said. 

The student’s family later said they were shocked as there were no signs she had been pregnant.

The school said it had also not been ‘suspicious’ as the girl was ‘overweight’, the South China Morning Post reported. 

‘Even her sports teacher said she had continued to participate in sporting activities like any other student,’ Sukardi told Detikcom. 

Grade 10 students in Indonesia are around 16 years old.

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