Teenage boy who terrorised Swindon locked up for two months

Baby-faced teenager, 14, is sentenced to spend ‘Christmas behind bars’ after terrorising town centre shops and his local Burger King

  • Kenton Knight, 14, has repeatedly appeared before Swindon’s youth court
  • He was banned from Burger King, shopping malls and community centre
  • But he flouted court order and has now been named and locked up 

Uncontrollable Kenton Knight, 14, has been locked up and named by magistrates in Swindon for a campaign of anti-social behaviour in Burger King and local shopping centres

With his blonde, bowl-cut hair and blue eyes, young Kenton Knight wouldn’t look out of place in the robes of a church choir.

But the far-from-angelic 14-year-old will actually spend the run-up to Christmas in a young offenders’ institution after he was named, shamed and locked up by exasperated magistrates in Swindon.

Knight has been terrorising staff at the Wiltshire town’s Burger King, shopping malls and a community centre and has repeatedly ignored court orders attempting to control his behaviour.

After he was again brought before the local youth court last week, head magistrate Michael New handed him a two-month young offenders’ sentence and ordered that he could be named and pictured so people in Swindon could be on guard against him.

Describing the two-month sentence as a welcome result, PCSO Philip Day of Wiltshire Police said: ‘Knight’s prolific and relentless behaviour in our communities for a significant amount of time has caused alarm and distress to many victims, young and old.

‘The injunction served on Knight in October provided clear boundaries that he has clearly chosen to ignore, and as such he has now received today’s sentence.

‘We hope that Knight’s time in detention will go some way in changing his offending behaviour when he returns back into the community.’

Knight was banned from going near this Burger King after he and his mates terrorised staff

Knight was banned from going near this Burger King after he and his mates terrorised staff

The tearaway youth had been banned from the fast food outlet, two shopping centres and a community hub last month unless he had an adult with him.

He was also told to be in school between the hours of 9am and 3pm and to stay away from a 17-year-old.

But he was found to have ignored the court’s instruction within just six weeks when he was spotted on a street corner at a time of day when he should have been in lessons.

Knight in a picture he posted online

Knight in a picture he posted online

At his latest court appearance, his mother asked custody officers if she could give the teenager a cuddle before he was taken down.

She claimed he will miss Christmas at home but parole rules mean he is likely to be freed after a month.

A court made the injunction last month after hearing that baby-faced Knight had been linked to a spate of anti-social behaviour. This was said to include youths covering their faces with clothing.

The subsequent hearing was told were it to be known that he had received the equivalent of an ASBO, he would thrive on the publicity.

But, ruling that Knight could be named in reports of the case, chairman of the bench Michael New said: ‘Kenton has waived his right to anonymity by repeatedly committing anti-social behaviour in public and behaviours which affect the public detrimentally.

‘Local people who have been affected need to be aware of him and what has happened today.’

He added: ‘You have many court orders against you – and you have shown complete disregard for all those court orders.’

He was also ordered to stay away from this community centre over his yobbish behaviour

He was also ordered to stay away from this community centre over his yobbish behaviour


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