Teenage girls in Canberra stabbed and SHAVED their neighbour because they thought he was a rapist

Teenage girls high on ice stabbed their neighbour and SHAVED his hair because they thought he was a rapist – but they won’t spend a day in jail

  • Two teenagers high on ice stabbed and shaved a man they thought was a rapist 
  • The court heard one of the girls recorded the horrific attack toward the man 
  • One of the girls was heard threatening to kill the man as she punched him  
  • Both girls pleaded guilty and were given a 12-month behaviour bond

Two teenage girls high on ice who stabbed their neighbour and shaved his hair because they thought he was a rapist have avoided a jail sentence.

The girls, aged 15 and 17 at the time of the attack, were smoking ice when they thought a man living nearby was a rapist.

The Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court heard that one of the girls recording the abusive attack and threatened to kill the man. 

‘The recording reveals that [one of the girls] told him that she was going to stab him,’ Justice Michael Elkaim said, ABC reported. 

‘She put a pair of scissors to his throat and continued to punch and kick him.’ 

They then tied his hands behind his back as the other girl stabbed him with a needle (stock)

The pair went to the man’s home where they forced him to sit on his hands on a table, before one of the girls hit the table with an axe.

They then tied his hands behind his back as the other girl stabbed him with a needle. 

When the man attempted to escape from the girls’ wrath, he was captured and thrown into the bathroom of another unit where he was punched and kicked.

They forced the terrified man to take a shower and they proceeded to shave him and cut his hair.  

‘I have no doubt that [the man] was terrified throughout his ordeal and will suffer the psychological consequences for some time,’ Justice Elkaim said.  

The two girls pleaded guilty to unlawfully confining the man and were given a nine-month suspended sentence. They will both serve 12-month good behaviour orders. 

The court heard the youngest teenager had already spent months in custody and was suffering from mental health problems, while the older girl was pregnant. 

Judge Elkaim said the younger girl needs to be given the chance to assess her mental health issues while the other girl needs a place to provide for her child. 

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