TEFL Courses & Certification – Teaching English Abroad

There are many ways to live and work abroad and teaching English abroad is one of the most common ways to find work abroad (at least for English speakers). Many are improving their skills by attending English courses. This means that English language academies are popping up all over the place.

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The TEFL certificate is a certificate that is issued by an accredited training center to a teacher and confirms that his qualifications are sufficient to teach English to students for whom English is not native and who at the same time do not live in an English-speaking country.

The advantage of the TEFL certificate is that it does not have a validity period, unlike IELTS, TOEFL, and some others.

If you are going to a non-English-speaking country, then choose TEFL, as it fully corresponds to this goal and is well known in many countries. But there are also a number of other similar certifications with some differences.

TESL – English Teaching English as a Second Language

The difference between TESL is that it gives the right to teach English to students for whom it is not native, but who at the same time live in an English-speaking country.

TESOL – English Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL combines the rights of TEFL and TESL since it gives the right to teach English to students living in any country – both in English and not in English speaking.

CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Apart from these three certificates, the fourth well-known certificate CELTA should be distinguished – this is a certificate issued by a division of the University of Cambridge and gives the right to teach English to adults.

The main differences of CELTA certificate are its very high price, the inability to complete it completely online (even if distance learning is chosen, some classes will still have to be attended personally).

CELTA certificate is certainly very prestigious, but it will only be required in some high-level educational institutions, and in all other cases, it is a waste of money and time.

Why is TEFL needed?

TEFL certificate is a must if you want to get a high-paying job as an English teacher in many countries where learning English is a priority in the education system and it is well funded.

This certificate replaces or complements the diploma. Moreover, a diploma is not required in many countries, but TEFL will be required for sure. The TEFL course will give you new knowledge that will improve your qualifications, and teach you to better find an approach to students, make your lessons brighter and more fun.

How to get a TEFL certificate

The most expensive and less popular option is attending courses at educational institutions or certification centers.

The second and best way is to get your TEFL certificate online. You just need to choose an online certification center and take the course remotely in a comfortable home environment.

When choosing such a center, it is important not to make a mistake, paying attention not only to the cost but also to reputation, accreditation, and other factors.

The structure of the online TEFL course

In order to receive a TEFL certificate, you need to complete a certain course. Its duration is usually 60, 120, 150, and more hours. You gain access to self-study materials and links to useful resources for teaching.

For example, a 150-hour course typically includes 12 modules, most of which end with a test. Also, such a course contains 3 voluminous written assignments, each of which is given 2 hours to complete.

For example, you must make examples of assignments for students or reveal a concept from the course in your own words. And at the end of the course, you must pass a test.

As you complete the course, you will be assigned a mentor who reviews and evaluates your written work and provides advice and guidance.

The TEFL certificate provides many benefits and job opportunities abroad. Working in other countries opens the door to unknown cultures and gives you new acquaintances and unforgettable impressions and experiences.

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