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TEN babies have died in a Fisher-Price sleeper, safety officials warn

TEN babies have died in a Fisher-Price sleeper, the company reveals – as safety officials warn parents to stop using the rocking crib after babies are three months old

  • Since 2015, 10 infant deaths have been reported in connection to the Fisher-Price ‘Rock ‘n Play’ sleeper 
  • The infants were all over three months old and died after rolling from their backs to their sides or stomachs 
  • According to the US Product Safety Commission, none of the infants were ‘restrained’ by the buckle in the seat 
  • The commission and Fisher-Price are advising all consumers to stop using the sleeper  

At least 10 babies have died in Fisher-Price’s ‘Rock ‘n Play’ sleeper since 2015, a warning from the company and the US Product Safety Commission (USPSC) revealed on Friday. 

The USPSC did not reveal the exact causes of the babies’ deaths, but said they died after rolling from their stomachs to the backs or sides unrestrained in the sleeper. 

A previous warning from Fisher-Price said that babies over three months old that were not buckled into the sleeper had rolled over and fallen out of it to their deaths. 

Both the USPSC and Fisher-Price are warning parents to stop using the rocking crib without restraints after their children are over three months old. 

US officials and Fisher-Price are warning parents to stop using the Rock ‘n Play sleeper for children over three months old after 10 babies died in the rocker  

 Safe sleeping is always a top-priority concern for new parents. 

Some studies have suggested that babies that sleep on their backs have a lower chance of dying of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).   

Doctors advise parents to position babies on their backs in cribs, bassinets or other infant beds. 

But by the time babies are about three months old, they can roll themselves over – and might do so in their sleep. 

A baby sleeping on their stomach can much more easily choke if they regurgitate milk. 

More importantly, if they are sleeping somewhere high and without some kind of barrier around them, babies that roll over can fall. 

Elevated rockers and bassinets come with warnings that babies should be always strapped in to the seat. 

But despite instructions and prior warnings, 10 babies have fallen to their deaths since 2015. 

The USCPSC and Fisher-Price are now begging parents to stop using the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper as soon as their children are able to roll over when they are awake – as they are then able to do so in their sleep too – or after they are three months old. 

Fisher-Price said in a statement that their product meets safety standards. 

But the risk that it will be used improperly is too high, and the cost too great. 

‘A child fatality is an unimaginable tragedy,’ the company said in a statement. 

‘We are there with you from the moment you bring your child home and take our responsibility for product safety very seriously.’