Terrifying moment handful of sharks circle a boat with two fishermen onboard off the coast of Perth

Terrifying footage has captured the moment six sharks surrounded the fishermen’s boat in a scary encounter.

The two fishermen were cray fishing around five kilometers off the coast of Perth’s north coast, near Ocean Reef Marina, Western Australia around midday on Sunday.

The sharks, believed to be bronze whalers, started following them as they chased old bait from the men’s crayfish pots.

The fisherman who filmed the terrifying encounter was heard counting: ‘One, two, three.’ 

The cray fishermen’s boat was surrounded by six sharks, who were chasing old bait from their cray pots

The sharks were seen in footage just centimetres from the back of the boat.

The predators swam along both sides surrounding the vessel, before the fisherman shouted, ‘Oh! There’s four!’ 

The sharks came into contact with each other, with one swimming over the top of another, prompting the fisherman to say, ‘Have a go at ’em.’

The clip, which ran for over a minute, also showed the sharks going under the boat and several loitering near the ladder on the side of the vessel.

‘Good spot to dive, this one,’ the fisherman cheekily said.

The fishermen counted six sharks in total. 

The sighting comes as a spate of shark sightings around Western Australia occurred over the weekend.

This included seven sharks off Rottnest Island over the weekend, including Sunday’s sighting of a four metre monster just 300m from Pinky Beach’s shoreline. 

Three hammerheads were also seen just off the island’s Fairbridge Bluff Beach.

The sharks swam within centimeters of the vessel, and swam underneath the boat and along its sides.

The sharks swam within centimeters of the vessel, and swam underneath the boat and along its sides.

A shark was seen a metre from shore from Dead Seal Beach, Carnac Island. 

On Sunday, 2.5m sharks were cruising 100m offshore near Rockingham’s Point Peron. 

A five-metre great white shark was reported by a member of the public in the regional town of Esperance, about 50m offshore on Sunday at Bandy Creek Boat Harbour.

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