TestoPrime Reviews: Customer Review of Testo Prime During Covid-19

“I was unable to perform for months” – a 39 years old confessed struggling in bed during the covid-19 pandemic and how a natural t-booster revived his intimacy:

  • Adrian Whitehall of North Carolina, lost his sexual desire in the peak times of Covid
  • The constant panicky and havoc caused stress that ultimately took a toll on his sexual and emotional health
  • Found that a natural testosterone booster sparked his lost interest in his spouse
  • Noticed a drastic change in virility and energy he possessed in his mid-twenties

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Whitehall, a Football coach in a high school in Carolina went through great distress in the times Covid lockdown.

The 39 years old who led an active lifestyle ahead of pandemic became inactive all at once.

The constant fear of losing his job not only impacted his mental sanity, but performance under the sheets.

“Well, its normal to face a decline in sex drive as a consequence of stress”, says a popular sexologist Elizabeth Allgeier.

Stress is a key reason that kills your urge to involve in sexual activities and thereby ends on emotional problems.

However, to brush off the continuous fear of redundancy, Whitehall decided to overcome his sedentary lifestyle.

But as he resumed to his old physical activities in his backyard, he felt the need for an added support.

Of course, he could visibly feel his ladylove emotionally distancing from him. The woman who had loved him unconditionally for 6 years of their marriage now appeared frustrated.

In general, it’s difficult for most of us to comprehend the connection between stress and sex.

The irritability and uncertainty that encompasses generally wreck our sexual appetite and draws boundaries between relations.

Whitehall claims that once a more fulfilling sexual life began lacking thrill and excitement for weeks and even months.

So with utmost despair, he sought for a way out on internet and found about a testosterone booster called TestoPrime.

The football coach believes using TestoPrime turned out to be a whole pleasant experience. While he was somewhat reluctant using dietary supplements, this one changed his perception overall.

For example, the first noticeable improvement he noticed through the natural testosterone booster was an increase in his fading libido.

Moreover, he states that the excess pounds he gained during the lockdown, poor energy and stress was equally dealt.

The story of the 39 years old further narrates as:

“I was on the verge of losing my job just like most of you in these testing times. Being the only bread winner with three growing kids, I was losing hope day by day.

Stress definitely impacted every aspect of my wellbeing. For example, I would feel low about myself, my confidence was shattered and I wasn’t prepared to go near Christine.

Even though, it was a trauma caused by the ongoing situation, I feel somewhere my age was also to be blamed.

As I read more about my condition on some reliable source on internet, I found out that stress, declining energy levels and mood swings hit us differently in a progressing age than in younger ones.

Using TestoPrime was more like some experiment, something I was initially feared of. But considering my everyday dropping interest in my wife or say, intimacy, I was compelled to give it a shot.

For the initial one week or so, the change was not noticeable. But as the days progressed, I can assure my interest began to regain in sex.

Of course, there was no issue in whatsoever way with my spouse. She was as awesome and as beautiful as she has always been. But all thanks to stress, it messed me up!

With TestoPrime, I could feel more passion for her than before. I would demand her sex more than our former routine and evidently, she loved that too.

On top of my ability to perform well, my mind was at peace and my body began to shake off the weight I gained quite unintentionally. I believe the supplement further enhanced my mental clarity as I would just feel lost sometimes. From mental, sexual and emotional stability, I feel a change I badly needed to normalize my life.

Well, TestoPrime works and is a ray of hope for men with poor testosterone issues. Even though my sex life has always been fantastic, I believe it is more fulfilling now”.

Now the manufacturers of this age-reversing formula claim it to be highly effective for a diminishing libido. As per them, it is an amalgamation of 12 well-researched ingredients that elevate the testosterone levels.

With the surge in testosterone with ingredients like garlic, pomegranate, ashwagandha and fenugreek, the body can effortlessly bring down its fats and so can the stress levels.

In general, a man’s body slows down in making testosterone by the time he hits 40.

And so, TestoPrime is a support for men over 40 years. However, it is important to note that it can treat the deficiency of this sex hormone, regardless of any age.

How does testosprime work?

TestoPrime is a powerhouse of amino acids that contribute to the growth of Luteinizing Hormone in the body. Created by gonadotropic cells, LH aids in regulating the production of the male hormone, called testosterone.

TestoPrime works through a blend of:

Ginseng: This is one precious herb that holds the ability to treat a wide range of illnesses. By nature, it is a powerful antioxidant that prevents physical exhaustion and enhances energy and libido

Ashwagandha: It is another valuable herb that is found to improve the performance of the existing testosterone. With the improvement in efficiency, benefits like a spike in energy, better digestion, higher weight loss and mass growth follow

Fenugreek: The plant extract goes a long way for men dealing with poor sex drive, performance, energy and strength. Other than the said qualities, it paces metabolism causing a needed reduction in excess fats

Green Tea: Green Tea contains EGCG, the compounds that avert the process of testosterone breakdown. This naturally keeps testosterones in healthy levels that would generally go down otherwise

Pomegranate: A source of polyphenol, the antioxidant allows healthy circulation of blood favoring libido, stamina and energy levels as a result

Vitamin D: Other than bone density, it is great for an efficient immune system. Essentially, there are many researches supporting its positive impact on metabolism and increasing the amount of Ts in the body

Zinc: In conjunction with EGCG, it holds up the transformation of the anabolic hormone, testosterone into oestradiol. In case no action is taken to prevent this conversion, you can develop feminine characteristics including gynecomastia

Vitamin B6: Similar to the majority of ingredients, vitamin B6 also steps with researches backing its efficiency for the maintenance of Ts. By stabilizing the sex hormone, it contributes to the boost in energy and better cognitive health. Moreover, the agent is a great support for athletes as it boosts endurance by improving the utilization of oxygen

Vitamin B5: It reduces fat levels through transformation into energy. Other than declining fats, it plays a part in increasing T levels

Garlic: Garlic too, has a part in uplifting testosterone to the healthy levels. By doing that, it favors metabolic activities for the effortless drop in weight

Black Pepper: Black pepper offers its anti-inflammatory properties and is abundant in antioxidants. In the dietary supplement, TestoPrime, it works for the better absorption of all its ingredients.


TestoPrime was subjected to a quality research wherein the participants were asked to follow its recommended dosage for 14 days.

The research concluded that the dietary supplement actually lowered stress by 71.6%. In addition, it was found to reduce the excess fats by 16% that was credited to its ability to block cortisol. The study further provided observations claiming an improvement in blood circulation that caused the muscle strength to skyrocket by 138.7%.

On a whole, TestoPrime is receiving a convincing feedback from the users. While it is said to add endurance by 92.2% and conversion of fat into energy by 12%, the buyers seem to buy the idea and reporting in affirmation.