Thailand’s Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries Are Thriving

Despite the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, elephant sanctuaries are here to stay. Thailand’s ethical elephant sanctuaries have proven to be a significant attraction for the tourism industry. The popularity of these sanctuaries likely could not have been accomplished without the worldwide influence of the internet and social media.

With the public becoming more aware of the need to conserve the health of the planet, it’s only natural that people all over the world would see that conserving the wild animals of the earth would be a significant part of this conservation effort.

Thailand’s elephants have come to be seen as innocent victims of human interests. Putting them to work in the logging industry, carrying tourists in harmful saddles on their backs all day in the tropical heat, and forcing them to play polo and perform other tricks on command is unethical behaviour. All these “attractions” are slowly beginning to be seen as detrimental to the health of elephants.

But the public should not let up in their scrutiny of the treatment of elephants by humans. Before you visit one of Thailand’s ethical elephant sanctuaries, you should do a little research into the sanctuary on your itinerary.

Support Thailand’s Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries

In doing internet and social media research on the elephant sanctuaries of Thailand, you’ll get a good idea of the sanctuaries and elephant parks that deserve your support. Start with tourism and travel websites that post reviews of Thailand’s ethical elephant sanctuaries and then decide for yourself which ones are truly ethical.

Unfortunately, there are still some parks that are branded as being “sanctuaries”, but they don’t fit the definition. They continue to offer elephant riding and the performing of tricks by elephants under duress as a way to pad their earnings.

Park owners who continue to treat elephants in this manner may well treat them even worse behind the scenes when the guests have all left for the day. Misrepresenting an elephant park as something it is not can provide insight into the owner’s character and concern, or lack thereof, for the animals in their possession.

You should avoid any support for these types of attractions. By supporting them, you would only perpetuate this type of treatment and dilute the true purpose of an elephant sanctuary.

Become a Conservation Activist on Social Media

By posting reviews of your trips to Thailand’s ethical elephant sanctuaries, and we choose the plural of both ‘trip’ ‘sanctuary’ on purpose, you’ll help other tourists to direct funding to elephant sanctuaries that are truly deserving of everyone’s support.

You’ll also help force out of business, unethical parks that call themselves sanctuaries. By becoming active on social media, you can provide more help to Thailand’s elephants and other animals of the world that are suffering the same types of abuse.

You will help boost the online image and reputation of ethical elephant sanctuaries and further enable the work they are performing. And this will be to the benefit of both tourism and the natural world.