The 12 best sites to search for scholarships

College is hard. But, paying your college tuition is even harder. However, we’re here to save you.

In case you’ve managed to get yourself admitted into a college, but you’re unable to afford your college expenses, here’s a complete list of top 12 remarkable websites to search for scholarship opportunities at various colleges around the globe.


Cappex is known as the “nation’s largest, multi-billion-dollar scholarship” website with “more than $11 billion in scholarships.”

One of the best features of the website is that it possesses a unique “What Are My Chances” instrument, that allows you to calculate your odds of getting into a college or a university.

However, there is one minor shortcoming: You’ll have to go through an irritating sign-up process, nonetheless, you’ll be glad you did it.


Chegg not only provides high school and college students with scholarships, but, it’s a broad education resource that specializes in providing internships, textbooks, homework and test preparation assistance as well as online tuition forums.

Chegg’s scholarship service “Zinch” was launched in 2011, that currently offers more than 1$ billion scholarship opportunities.

Into the bargain, Chegg provides you with a distinctive “Top Scholarship Picks of the Week” rundown, which highlights all the scholarship opportunities you would have missed otherwise.

Furthermore, Chegg provides you with a painless and user-friendly website alongside a simple registration process. has a peculiar tagline that says it all: “It Pays to Think”. The scholarship opportunities available on the website are arranged in the decreasing order of the reward money.

Although the website gives ample search results, it would benefit from secondary search results as well as additional management tools and techniques.


Fastweb, a sub-division of Monster, is known as a systematic website that hosts more than 1.5$ million scholarships which surmise up to approximately 3.4$ billion dollars.

What’s more, the website has a relatively simple registration process with a large collection of search filters that make the search or scholarship match-making procedure easy for you.

Having said that, there is one small flaw: It is obligatory for you to create a complete user profile before you start search for scholarships.


Niche, a website that used to be famous as College Prowler, is a basic and effortless scholarship interface as far as navigation is concerned.

One of the greatest perks offered by the website is that it does not have any compulsory registration process.

Besides, the website has a tidy and an orderly design – arrangement into categories according to career, major or area of interest etc. – that makes your whole experience trouble-free.


Peterson’s hosts more than 10$ billion scholarship grants along with a number of free journals, textbooks, homework and test preparation courses.

Over and above that, the website offers tools – incorporating search filters for an easy navigation – that you need to start your hunt for scholarships.

Moreover, instead of an extensive registration procedure, all that is required of you is filling of a simple survey form that will enable you to adjust you search requirements.

Scholarship Monkey

Scholarship Monkey offers three different types of scholarships searches:

  • Search by list
  • Search by college
  • Search by keyword
  • Search by personal options

But Scholarship Monkey is not popular among students because of the following downsides: The website is spammy, that is; it does not safeguard your personal information. Also, the navigation options on the site are difficult to understand.


ScholarshipFellow not only provides you with distinctive scholarship options but well-written procedures that will help you apply for those scholarships. Scholarshipfellow is a well-known scholarship sharing website that provides simple guided procedures to apply for such countless opportunities worldwide. Thousands of scholarship winners are connected as volunteers with scholarship seeking students to answers their questions on scholarship application procedures. This site is popular for sharing international scholarship listings from different countries and non-profit organizations for international students to pursue undergrad, master or doctoral level degree programs in American, European, Chinese (CSC Scholarship), Turkish, German or other countries.

Besides, thousand of students across the globe who have already been awarded with the scholarships act as volunteers on the website in order to guide the new students regarding the basic details on new offers in the world of scholarships. has every right to show off the fact that: With more than 2.7 million scholarship and grant opportunities worth more than $19 billion, just about everyone is bound to find something.” is regarded as one of the largest scholarships index that uploads new scholarships on a regular basis. Here, you can search for your required scholarship based upon the category, but in case you need a huge rundown of various types of scholarships, you’ll be required to register yourself on the website.

Anyhow, there is one small weak spot: The website does not contain all the modern resources or search filters offered by newer websites.

The College Board

The College Board offers it all: Scholarships, internships, dissertations, journals, articles, test preparation tools, online coaching, financial help techniques etc.

Besides, the website enables you to prepare for you SAT whenever you’re surfing through it.

The US Labor Department Free Scholarship Search Tool

As claimed by the press release of the US student financial aid department, the US Labor Department Free Scholarship Search Tool allows you to look out for different scholarships via internet.


Unigo provides you with scholarships, internships, jobs, textbooks, articles, college accounts etc. The website divides the scholarships in the following main areas:

  • Profile-based scholarships
  • Easy-to-search scholarships

Unigo is a user-friendly or a painless website that is simple to use and protects your personal information at the same time.