The 7 Steps Needed For Putting Essay Writing Service into Action

More people are now aware of the existence of essay writing services. More have even benefitted from the service. Still, there are some steps that can be taken to grow the writing sector. In this article, we discuss seven steps that can help put the industry into action.

  • Operate within the legal system

There are many companies offering essay writing services. All these companies share a purpose. They want to help students with writing problems. However, every day people question whether the industry is legal or not. Any industry that seeks to operate must operate legally. If essay services fail to operate within the law, the industry will definitely not survive. This is why the best writing service operates within the legal system. They also follow intellectual property law and copyright law. They technically help students know how to handle their assignments. To ensure that the industry grows, all service providers must be ready and willing to operate within the legal system.

  • Guarantee originality

Writing services should hire qualified writers who guarantee originality. Academic qualifications should not be enough to prove that a writer is qualified. There should be strict vetting. Writers should be given tests to prove their language mastery. They should also show proof of great writing skills. This way, customers can be sure of getting unique and original content.

  • Provide genuine reviews

All essay services should provide genuine reviews. Genuine internal feedback is necessary. It guides customers when choosing service providers. We are saying genuine because some companies provide fake reviews. Such reviews may make a service look legitimate only to frustrate customers.

  • Have genuine review companies

There should be genuine customer review companies in the essay service. Such companies would dedicate time and effort in evaluating the performance of all companies in the industry. The focus should be on service quality, price, and available support among other features. From these external reviews, customers will know credible services. If students fall in the hands of scammers, they will avoid writing services. So, they need help to identify reliable services. Having genuine reviews companies will be of great help.

  • Fair payment

Payments in the writing service sector are different. Some companies charge way higher than others. Others require payment before delivery and vice versa. There should be moderation. Companies should only charge what is fair. This will ensure that the services are affordable to all writers. Remember most students operate on a budget. So, if the services are expensive, some students will not afford them. This would be totally unfair to them.

Also, companies should have better payment options. For example, they may withhold payment until service delivery. This will improve customer trust. They will also feel secure from being scammed. Nobody wants to lose their money to fraudsters. We all want to use the available money in beneficial ways. Prepaid services have proven time and over again that they can be hectic. Remember not everyone is trustworthy. Some people will receive pay and disappear. In such a case, customers will be disappointed which may kill the industry.

  • Site security

To attract and maintain customers, essay writing service sites should be secure. They should have verified security. This is a sign that they are more credible. When secure, it means that any data transferred to the site is encrypted. The information is safe from hackers. Every service provides should have a security certificate.

There is also a need for additional security put in place. Customers should clearly know about these security measures. They should be assured of security and confidentiality. Service providers should even go-ahead to give customers tips to keep their information secure online. With this information, customers will be able to trust the writing services. They will be assured that the services have taken all possible precautions to protect personal data.

  • Establish good policies

To put essay writing service into action, it is important that measures to satisfy both customers and writers are taken. Good policies can be useful here. They will guarantee fairness as well as security for all parties. The policies may address revision issues, refund, and verification. Such policies will ensure that customers are protected. At the same time, writers will be treated fairly. For instance, there should be a policy giving writers enough time to do revision. On the other hand, customers must have enough time within which they can request for a revision. When both parties are fairly treated, conflicts with be rare in the industry.

Essay service providers have the power to grow the industry. All they need is to focus on the customer as well as writer satisfaction. When writers are satisfied, they will be more committed to offering high-quality service. As a result, customers’ satisfaction will be improved. When customers are satisfied, they are bound to seek the service time and again. This means that the demand will be high. Eventually, the sector will be stable.