The advertising brochure in the internet age

The Internet has revolutionized the advertising sector in just a few decades. Digital marketing has allowed brands to reach a larger target audience, which has increased the sales of many businesses. However, some of the traditional practices of advertising are still valid today due to their proven effectiveness. The proximity marketing, which relies on printing magazines and catalogs, allows a business to be established and consolidated in a local environment. This is especially important for those companies that bet for close and personal treatment with their customers. That is why the printing of brochures, catalogs or business cards is still presented as an opportunity for success.

The printing, a great support for digital marketing

However, printing is not only vital for local businesses. Many advertising campaigns see fit to combine promotion in digital media with paper diffusion. Although the number of users in the network is increasing, it is still not total, and it is possible that part of our potential clientele is not found in social networks, web pages … To be able to reach it, it is convenient to have the support of brochures, magazines or catalogs that can be found in those spaces where they carry out their activities: shops, libraries, mailboxes …

On the other hand, the printing of business cards is also presented as the most effective way to make our business known to potential suppliers or customers. Moving the contact data of our company to a physical format of small dimensions makes it possible for our contacts to have at hand the information of the brand.

An economic service

Printing does not always have to involve large costs. Currently, there are many brochure prints services able to provide quality materials at affordable prices. When selecting a printing company to which to entrust our orders it is important to take into account the type of services offered. It is advisable to opt for a company in the sector that offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of corporate and advertising stationery, as this way we will not have to contract different services to multiple companies. This allows reducing time and effort in logistics and management.

It is necessary to study its distribution

The dissemination of brochures, posters, catalogs … also requires some organization. If you want to disseminate printed advertising on the street, it is important to know the applicable legislation on public roads. The administrations have certain rules in which the diffusion of advertising in public spaces is regulated. Violating any of the regulatory ordinances may result in sanctions for our company.

In the case of wanting to disseminate material among the commercial sector, it is necessary to establish contact with the owners or managers of each location. Depending on the products or services we advertise, we will find it more efficient to locate our advertising in one business or another. That is why it is important to spend time analyzing our target audience and their habits. For example, if we sell beauty products, we may be interested in locating part of our brochures and posters in the hairdressers of a neighborhood.